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How May We Help You?


5 Star Social Media Management Services

Ready to take your business to the next level? Our experts at Cloud LGS are highly skilled in social media management, content creation, advertising and more.

Industries we have successfully grown:

How May We Help You?


Billions of people around the world use social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube and more. It is the ultimate, modern day way to communicate with the world. People also regularly use social media like their own personal search engine, searching for things they need or are interested in.
Managing a successful social media campaign can be time consuming and expensive, especially if you don’t know what you are doing or hire a marketing agency that doesn’t have your best interests in mind.
We create and manage high performing social media and digital marketing campaigns so you can stay relevant, generate more leads and beat your competition. Since we are experts in all areas of digital marketing, we can create a 5 star overhaul of your business’s digital presence so you can thrive for years to come!
Understanding keywords that convert well for your business allows us to identify bidding strategies that produce high quality scores. Having above average account quality scores should be your first mandatory objective when choosing PPC management services.

PPC Expert
Our PPC experts implement bid management strategies that are designed to achieve your campaign goals quickly. We continually adjust keyword bids that lead to conversions relevant to your business.
PPC bid maintenance is equally important once we’ve achieved the desired page quality scores, conversions and bid amounts. PPC campaign management doesn’t need to be complicated. PPC management services are actually quite simple when executed correctly. The key to effective PPC campaign management is understanding the data.

PPC Professionals
Our PPC professionals analyze the data by matching up date ranges, conversions, campaigns, groups and keywords.

There are 4 main goals that should be continually maintained for a successful PPC campaign marketing strategy:

Increase your company’s branding
First, your PPC marketing campaigns should increase your company’s branding by displaying lots of impressions to potential customers searching for your business.

Drive new traffic and visitors
Second, your PPC campaigns should drive new traffic and visitors to your website at a price below your target cost per click.

Increase lead flow
Third, your PPC marketing strategies should absolutely increase lead flow to your business while still maintaining your targeted cost per acquisition. Cost per acquisition is the cost associated to acquiring new customers.

Positive RoI (Return on Investment)
Finally, your cost per click should deliver a cost per lead, which results in a cost per customer that ultimately produces enough revenue to create a positive return on your PPC investment.

Reading the PPC Data
The secret formula for a successful PPC marketing campaign is created by the data generated. To develop a successful and profitable pay-per-click advertising strategy it’s important to choose a partner who understands how to read PPC data. Understanding the data is critical. The data generated from PPC advertising clearly displays which keywords and keyword phrases perform best for your business.

Tracking the Keyword Performance
Tracking and evaluating keyword performance will indicate how much to spend on converting keywords. Keyword conversion leads to new customers. New customers generated from your pay-per-click advertising campaigns are the end success indicator of an effective PPC marketing strategy. Our experts intimately understand how to evaluate the data that creates the best return on your PPC advertising investment.

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Let Us Help You Grow Your Business with Social Media

There are billions of people on social media waiting to find you. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more offer amazing ways to target people who are interested in your business!

The Cloud LGS Team

The team at Cloud LGS is experienced in social media management for many different industries and will learn everything about your business to get you high quality leads. Our social media management services will help your business utilize social media effectively and generate more revenue.

Most Popular Social Media Platforms for Businesses

Social media may seem overwhelming since there are so many options, but don’t fret if you’re trying to find the right one for your business! The average internet user has 8.4 social media accounts. Depending on who your target audience is, some social media platforms may be better for your business than others. At Cloud LGS, we can help your business decide what is the most effective for your goals and customers.


Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media platform that is used by billions of people all over the world. Instagram is owned by Facebook and can be used to reach millions of potential customers. Since over 70% of the users of Instagram are under the age of 35, it is a great way to target younger generations with more creative photo and video content.

How Instagram Can Help Your Business

Instagram can inspire your business to get clever and engage more with your followers! Cloud LGS has over 10 years of experience in helping business get better exposure through Instagram marketing.


Pinterest is a social media platform that uses images to spark inspiration for users. Each pin/post your business makes on Pinterest can link back to your website’s listing for that particular product, service, or blog post.

Great way to get more traffic

Pinterest is a great way to get more traffic to your website using engaging and interactive images. Pinterest is great for consumers in the research phase of their customer journey as they can search for the type of product or service they are interested in and get options in a creative and visually appealing way. Pinterest can help your business build brand awareness, increase site traffic, get new leads and increase your sales with both having a Pinterest profile and advertising on Pinterest.


Creating a company profile on LinkedIn is a fantastic way to build credibility, trust and build a network of like minded professionals and businesses to draw inspiration from.

Make Your Business Standout!

LinkedIn provides a great way to spark meaningful discussion and stay up to date on industry trends and information. You can even hire employees over LinkedIn! With over 30 million companies already utilizing LinkedIn, it is important not only to participate, but to make your business stand out.


YouTube is the king of video sharing with 2.29 billion users as of 2021! Advertising on YouTube is where your business wants to be- people are three times more likely to pay attention and watch your YouTube ad than a commercial ad on television.

Showcase Your Business

Video ads on YouTube are an excellent way to showcase your business’s personality and vision in a fun and creative way. Less than 10% of US small businesses are on YouTube, so a properly executed YouTube strategy with Cloud LGS can help your business reach for the stars!


TikTok is one of the newer social media platforms that has taken the world by storm. It has been all the rage with interesting content creation and trends.

Platform to Share Interesting Content

TikTok’s tools give users the ability to create outstandingly interesting content that can easily go viral- you can even collaborate with other creators and businesses on the platform, which is great to raise brand awareness and reach!

Business with Fun!

TikTok is a fun, less serious platform when compared to other social platforms like LinkedIn, allowing your business to show it’s silly side. Increase engagement with your business and connect with other creators and brands you admire on TikTok.


Snapchat is great for capturing real, in-the-moment photos and videos that can be quickly shared with your Snapchat friends and followers on a story, or one on one! Snapchat is great for business because it offers a “day in the life” look into what you do, increasing trust and keeping viewers engaged in your content.

Increase community engagement

Snapchat can be used to increase community engagement by sharing important news and updates, holding contests and communicating directly with followers and friends. Your business can even work with Snapchat to create a custom geofilter that users can use when they are within a certain geofenced area!

Stand Out From Your Competitors with Cloud LGS

Technology is constantly evolving. This day in age, it is absolutely essential to be online to stay relevant! Most of your competition is online- some will have great marketing strategies while others won’t. Be prepared for both scenarios! Cloud LGS can create a customized social media marketing and management strategy for your business so you can outshine your competitors. We perform in-depth market research so we know what your competitors are doing and how to get to the top of your industry.

Why Choose Cloud LGS for Social Media Management?

We are an award winning digital marketing agency that specializes in social media management, content creation and more. We’ve established proven digital marketing concepts that work across several industries, and we have helped thousands of clients across the country reach and exceed their goals. Let us understand your business, who you want to target and who your competitors are to deliver you the best social media management service you can dream of. With Cloud LGS, you can reach for the stars!
We are more than just a social media management company- Cloud LGS is a full service digital marketing agency with over two decades of experience with growing businesses. Our team of social media experts pride themselves in the successful strategies they use with social media to skyrocket businesses like yours to success. We know how to use each aspect of digital marketing to your advantage so you can grow your business like never before. We are your number one source for all things social media and digital marketing!
A digital marketing team with experience in your industry can give you peace of mind. Our team at Cloud LGS has worked with many different industries, niches and sizes of businesses and has a thorough understanding on how to market your business. We also work to grow them on a local, national, or international level! How you are ready to grow is up to you- let our team of experts do the rest.

Industries we have successfully grown:

3. We Are Focused on Growing Your Business

You want to partner with an expert company that is going above and beyond for your business. Other marketing agencies can treat you like a number without providing reliable communication or quality service. At Cloud LGS, we treat our clients’ businesses as if they were our own. For over a decade, we have been committed to finding the best solutions to digital marketing problems and how to optimize business awareness, reach and revenue while keeping an open door of communication with our amazing clients. Your success is our priority.

4. Our Services Are Affordable

We’re here to help you grow your business while staying within your budget. We do this with a focus on quality service and strategically optimized campaigns! Other digital marketing agencies can charge you too much and deliver less than promising results. At Cloud LGS, we work with your budget without sacrificing quality.

Increase Brand Awareness with Social Media Management

You want to partner with an expert company that is going above and beyond for your business. Other marketing agencies can treat you like a number without providing reliable communication or quality service. At Cloud LGS, we treat our clients’ businesses as if they were our own. For over a decade, we have been committed to finding the best solutions to digital marketing problems and how to optimize business awareness, reach and revenue while keeping an open door of communication with our amazing clients. Your success is our priority.

Social Media for Your Small Business

Over 65% are on social media to grow their businesses and get more customers. Social media is an amazing tool for small businesses to utilize to increase their brand awareness, reach and trust. Expertly crafted and targeted social media content can increase traffic to your business and get you more high-quality leads. When your social media profiles get more attention and more shares, you can be found easier on Google and other search engines!
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