How May We Help You?

How May We Help You?

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Google My Business

When someone searches for a business or place near their location, they’ll find local results across Google in places like Maps and Search. For example, if a person searches for a “pet groomer in Phoenix,” they’ll find local results for grooming businesses in Phoenix or near their location. It’s important for businesses to rank highly on Google Search and Google Maps in order for more potential customers to find them.

The first step in creating a Google My Business (GMB) profile is to claim your business. Many businesses already have a listing. Go to google maps and search for your business or address. If your business is already listed, simply click “claim this business” and follow the steps to verify your account.

If your business is not already listed, you can create a business profile, sign in to Google Maps. Search for your business address and click “add your business”. You can also find the “Add your business” button in the menu bar. Our team is happy to help you set up your business profile if you run into any issues.

The verification process can be easy as a phone call or as difficult as submitting your business license. Google’s automated system prides itself on being secure and authentic, so they want to make sure that all the businesses listed on their platform are real and created by the actual owner of the business. 

The business verification process can include a phone call or text, email, video recording, live video call, or if we’re lucky, instant verification. Certain industries may also require submitting a business license that shows the business name, owner’s name and physical address. The Google My Business verification process is meant to protect consumers and owners from false information and because of this, it can take up to a month to completely verify your business. Please be sure to have you complete business information ready when signing up for a GMB optimization plan.

You may discover that your company does not appear in relevant searches in your area. Ensure that your business information in your Business Profile is correct, complete, and engaging to maximize the number of times users locate your business in local search results. 

This is where we can help! Since local results favor the most relevant results for each search, we’ll make sure your business information remains accurate and up to date. We’ll optimize weekly posts from your business using proven keywords for your industry. We’ll update your profile with photos and create additional citation links to help your business rank higher more often. Our GMB optimization plans take care of your presence on Google so you don’t have to!

The time it takes to see results is determined by many different factors. First, the competitiveness of your industry plays a major role in how much optimization is needed. For example, a lawyer would see more online competition than a gymnastics studio. Secondly, location can determine the amount of competition too. For example, large cities like Phoenix, Dallas, and Los Angeles, would be harder to rank than smaller cities like Chandler, Amarillo, and Temecula. Lastly, the GMB optimization package determines the amount of deliverables we provide each month. You can always change your plan to see faster results, be sure to talk to a representative to get the best plan for your business needs.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO ensure your website’s representation in top search engine results when searched with relevant keywords.
The higher you are in search engi8ne results, the more are the chances to get traffic. It gives you business.