How May We Help You?

How May We Help You?


    The fundi give-back algorithm

    We designed a smart banking algorithm that helps you budget more for marketing. Fundi uses financial technology (fin-tech) to predictably remove the cost of your marketing

    Removing the risk

    We remove the risk of investing into marketing. We know marketing expenses can be stressful. So we decided to remove the stress.

    Reach your growth goals

    The data scientist at fundi designed a savings program that generates money for you to reinvest into the success of your business.

    Invest in the future of your business

    With fundi it’s easy to grow your business. Fundi’s give-back algorithm uses machine learning to predictively deposit money in your account.

    fundi creates income for your business

    Our mission is to help you improve the health of your business by removing the cost of your marketing. Our give-back algorithm deposits money in your bank every month.

    Always know what's safe to spend

    The first thing you see when opening the app is how much money will be deposited back in your bank account. This money is yours to spend with no strings attached.

    Stress less about marketing expenses

    We’ve partnered with fundi to help lower the cost of your marketing expenses. Fundi helps reduce the cost of marketing so you can focus more on growing your business.

    Smart data and
    machine learning

    We extract data through marketing
    analytics. Intelligent algorithms
    calculate Cloud LGS revenues and
    reinvest revenue share back into your

    This is not

    We wanted to design something not
    offered anywhere else. We’re investing
    our revenue into the long-term success
    of our customers.

    Transparency and

    The fundi app provides full transparency.
    Your savings and give-back deposits are
    fully automated. Always know how
    much and when you are receiving.

    Changing your relationship with marketing

    We’re using artificial intelligence (AI) to build a stronger relationship with our customers. We help you spend wisely and save more.

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