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10 Reasons Why Cloud LGS Should Be
Your Next Investment
Cloud LGS
Our Mission
Show the world how to manage business from a cell phone and give them the tools to do so.
Cloud LGS
Problem Worth Solving
More than 50% of all Internet browsing is done from a cell phone or other mobile device. However, less than 10% of websites are optimized for mobile devices. Most of the world’s websites still need to be optimized for mobile devices.
Cloud LGS
Our Solution
We developed a proprietary software program that creates mobile friendly websites within seconds. Our program is so easy to use, almost anybody at any computer skill level can use it. Our software is a collection of online tools needed to grow or manage business from a cell phone.
Cloud LGS
Executive Summary

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Cloud LGS Headquarters

425 S Mill Ave,
Tempe, AZ 85281
Ph: 800-881-6671