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Employment Opportunities

Are you looking for the next opportunity to do the most meaningful work alongside a team that fully supports your growth? Cloud LGS is currently offering a few successful career opportunities. Your life-changing career starts here!

Working with purpose while we live, give & share is our mission – every day, every client. If you’re considering a career with Cloud LGS, we embrace dedication and a willingness to both learn and grow while contributing to a kick a$$ team!

Cloud LGS is a unique business platform that anyone can use to promote their business online. Everything we do is geared toward helping business professionals improve their lead gen process. We’ve created easy to use tools that add value to any business at any level. We need a rockstar team to help carry our vision even further than it is!

Each position with Cloud LGS is one in which your success fully rests on your shoulders. The key is consistent behavior and solid follow-through. At Cloud LGS, you actually get to feel great about what you’re working on. You’re supporting and providing business owners with more leads and more time to do what they do best, while you do what you do best.

Being a top producer is a must for any position with Cloud LGS. We only hire individuals with incredible work ethic, passion for greatness, and a hunger to constantly learn more. We don’t believe in the standard 9-5 here. If you work harder than anyone else you know, we’d love to hear from you.

We want to recruit people who have a passion for the roles below:

  • Team Building Specialist
  • Business Development & Partnerships
  • Creative
  • Technical Program Management
  • Design & User Experience, Creative
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Legal, Finance, Facilities & Admin
  • Communications & Public Policy
  • Data & Analytics
  • Research
  • Software Engineering
  • Data & Analytics, Infrastructure
  • Product Management
  • Design & User Experience

How Will You Shape Your Future?

Cloud LGS offers the unique opportunity to be your own boss and fully own your work responsibilities. Your success fully rests on your shoulders. No fluff, no micromanaging, just you. Learn what it takes to become a top performer among your peers and what it means to have discipline in your work to get what you want out of your experience.

Surround yourself with a team of like-minded, hungry for success individuals and learn how the work you put in equals what you get out of it. Challenge yourself and soar to new heights. However you want to word it, the key is motivation!

Life at Cloud LGS

Life at Cloud LGS is working hard & playing hard. We have a team of friendly, motivated individuals that are ready to grow alongside you. Here are a few of our guidelines & values:

Be daring. Be bold.

In order to set ourselves apart, we need to be daring and be bold to make a difference. We give our employees the creative freedom to secure success. Be in charge and take action!

Be smart. Move quickly.

This is a competitive industry and life at Cloud LGS should be no different. In order to be the best at what you do, you need to act quick, act smart, and go after what you want.

Be yourself.

We want you to bring your authentic, unique, and best self to the table. We love our company culture and we welcome anyone into it!

At Cloud LGS, don’t depend on a standard, dry, template day. Every day is different as things move and change quickly. Work from the office or work from home. Whatever is going to keep you motivated and in the zone day after day. The one thing we ask is that you complete your work and more.

Why Cloud LGS?

Cloud LGS is committed to your success in the world of online marketing. If you’re passionate about digital marketing and SEO, then we’re passionate about you! You won’t find a more friendly and committed team than you will at Cloud LGS. Become an entrepreneur and join a team that supports growth. Live, give, share with us now! Click the button to apply now.

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