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Cloud LGS is a Digital Marketing Agency. We Provide Digital Marketing Optimization Services for your business advertising strategy and thereby help you to generate more leads for your business.

We make use of the marketing tools to steadfast your success path. We own our technology and have designed a platform that's easier to work with. Our SEO services are completed in-house by our own team of search engine experts. Our clients love working with Cloud LGS because we offer complete transparency. Not only will you get results, you will also learn how we do it. We are always there to give you more support to help deliver better SEO and faster results.

SEO marketing tips

Search Optimization Professionals (mention awards and experience)

We contribute regularly to the industry's leading resources such as Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal, and Moz and also we offer free tutorials about SEO marketing tips and more about digital marketing tips. As a five star recommended and accredited, award winning company, we are up to date with the latest trends and white-hat techniques as we deal with a wide range of companies dealing business in different fields. And also we are very professional when we deal with our clients, also in terms of character and behaviour.

Unlike with some other SEO companies, you will never have to ask us what we have been working on. We provide a monthly reporting of all work performed as well as access to your client dashboard where you can view your current search rankings.

Result-Oriented Company

Result-Oriented Company:

We are aware that as far as any clients are concerned ,results are what really counts for them and as far as we are concerned, our clients are the ones who really matter. So you can imagine our work ethic. We don't stop until our clients are fully satisfied. Our work has produced top search rankings for clients in some very competitive niches. Most importantly we do smart work with updated knowledge about the SEO scene on the Internet, which achieves us higher rankings and traffic for many years to come for our clients to enjoy.

We have month-to-month service renewals through which you can choose to discontinue business with us if you are not satisfied. We understand that some companies have had bad experiences with SEO providers in the past and hence we offer SEO services with monthly agreements so you can have a stress-free mind and enjoy working with us!

Custom design & branding: (website SEO services)

Custom design & branding:

Your branding efforts will contribute to your company’s personality and reputation. In other words, your brand can have a direct impact on your sales and industry standing.

At CloudLGS, our creative team can work with you to build a powerful brand identity for your business. Before you can start drawing in more users to your company’s website, you’ll want to make sure the website is as well-designed as possible. Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep traffic on your website and actually engage with your company.

SEO tools

SEO Tools:

SEO tools provide advanced technical solutions with increasing visibility of the website. SEO tools are important in order to get customers. SEO tools generally optimize website to achieve good search engine rankings. Thus, SEO tools are so precious in harvesting higher traffic towards a particular website.

You can see your competitors traffic numbers and rankings, but identify where their backlinks are coming from and how their content is performing across platforms. One’s SEO knowledge is only as strong as the data it’s built on. Having access to accurate, reliable, easy-to-use SEO tools will only make your SEO strategy stronger. You’ll gain invaluable insights into not only how your own site is performing, but also what your competitors are doing in their SEO efforts.

With SEO tools, you can see which new and existing keywords your competitors are ranking for. You can then add these terms to your own list, use the tools to identify related keywords, and even consider expanding to new markets. SEO tools like SEMrush are capable of generating thousands of keyword ideas at once. With tools like Raven Tools, you can even track for individual keywords and monitor backlinks you are trying to acquire. You can generate reports that compare your progress period-over-period and against your competitors. So we use a wide range of SEO tools to track your website’s progress.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing:

Mobile SEO refers to the search engine optimization of websites combined with flawless viewing on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. After all, more than 50% of Internet users now report surfing websites through their mobile devices daily.

Google is already favouring mobile-friendly sites. If your site is already well optimized for search engines, there are only a few additional things that you need to think about when optimizing for mobile devices and Google's move to mobile-first indexing. The first one is Page speed. Because of hardware and connectivity issues, page speed is even more important for mobile users than desktop users. Beyond optimizing images, you'll want to minify code, leverage browser caching, and reduce redirects.

Mobile devices are simplifying and revolutionizing the ways sites are designed. The plugin may not be available on your user's phone, which means they'll miss out on all the fun. If you want to create special effects, use HTML5 instead. It can be difficult and frustrating to try and close these on a mobile device.

This might lead to a high bounce rate. Touch screen navigation can lead to accidental clicks if your buttons are too big, too small, or in the path of a finger that's trying to get the page to scroll.

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