SEO and PPC: Learn How This Powerful Combination Can Help Your Business
Many website owners see PPC and SEO as two different and non-merging strategies. SEO focuses on organic optimization while PPC is a paid advertising. If combined properly, both of these techniques can be powerhouse tools to increase your sales and make your business seen on the web.

You can always bank on organic traffic since Google and Bing both made it easier for users to find a certain business based on their location. But if you want to increase your visibility and secure a decent seat on SERPs, you can utilize both at the same time.

#1. Shared visibility

There’s no doubt that a killer SEO strategy can secure the first place on the SERPs. However, the second or third results would always be a menace to your success. When you run a PPC campaign together with an effective SEO strategy, you’ll get to dominate the search results. This means your business will have the succeeding results while limiting the visibility of your competitors. However, don’t be tempted to decrease your PPC budge the moment your sales are soaring.

#2. Defeat bad PR

Negative reviews are inevitable parts of a business. Someone will always say something negative to your company. But to counter the possible downfall, you can use PPC and SEO full force to sway your potential customers back to your helm. For example, you can run PPC marketing in Arizona about improving your services or how your company plans to prevent customer dissatisfaction. Running a limited offer would also do the trick if you have a mess to clean.

PPC marketing Arizona

#3. Synergy

PPC and search engine optimization in Arizona work hand in hand when it comes to testing and using the best possible keywords. With two campaigns running, you can refine your list of high-converting keywords. You can use this for your SEO efforts that will, in turn, make your PPC campaign more valuable and worth the investment. Take note that since PPC provide immediate results, you can also get quick feedback. That way, you can limit the loss of resources.

#4. Higher click shares

Click shares boil down to the idea of dominating the SERPs. If you own more than one of the results for a certain keyword, there’s a higher chance that your business or website will gather double clicks. Top organic results combined with a paid listing is said to receive 91% of all clicks in one search according to Bing. It’s just a matter of investing more to earn more.

#5. Long-term and fast results

The unique characteristics of SEO and PPC make it a complementing combo. Paid listings have immediate results but the effects are temporary. On the other hand, SEO may take weeks or months to yield results, but the effect is lasting. When you combined these two, you’ll enjoy both immediate and long-lasting benefits.

PPC marketing in Arizona combined with search engine optimization in Arizona is an unbeatable strategy. You only have to utilize your resources and ensure that your plan is in line with the latest search engine algorithms. When the results overlap, your business will enjoy the fruits of your labor.
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