In a world of ubiquitous competition, making sure that you are ahead of your competitors is very important. Google Analytics is a platform through which you can track the reports of the traffic being generated on your website. It is a "freemium" website wherein you can get the data for your website absolutely free and without any hassle. Google Analytics has provided a game-changing technology to website developers and owners and the ones who do not use it will be at a disadvantage.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics gives you a detailed analysis of where your potential customers have landed on your website. Did they visit your picture gallery or saw videos posted on your website? Google Analytics has an answer to it all. Given that Google Analytics has this plethora of information, not using it gives an edge to competitors and stagnates your customer base.

Also, with the information available through Google Analytics, you can decide which sections of your website need more attention to make it friendlier for the customers. According to the chief marketing officer of one of the websites, "Google Analytics has reduced our customer acquisition costs by 30%."

How can you build your audience using Google Analytics?

Simply knowing what Google Analytics is does not solve your problems. Knowing how to use it is very important as well. Learn how to use Google Analytics to understand your targeted audience and using that information for your benefit.

1. Build Your Audience: Google Analytics helps you identify the kind of people that are showing interest in your website. It helps you in analyzing visitors’ traffic and painting a picture of their needs. Google Analytics also help you track the routes people take to reach you and the device they use to get there. It can help you modify your website accordingly.

2. Sell & Convert: The customers can land up to your website through various media such as an advertisement or a picture or video upload but they may not be interested in what they see and hence, a sale may not be made. And in case a sale is made, Google Analytics will also tell you how and what led to the customer making the purchase. It draws a complete pathway of the route chosen by the customer to land up on your website and make the purchase. With this information, you can ensure how to reach the target audience and how to make sure you website reaches them.

3. Act on Your Insights: Although Google Analytics provides you a lot of information based on the analysis, it may happen that the customer behavior towards your website changes and so you need to test diverse things on your website and see what works best for you to generate more sales. Once you’ve found the perfect combination of things, just modify what you are doing and you should be good to go.

Google Analytics has emerged as an important tool in making sure your business succeeds. Not making use of it can make you fall back in the race against competitors.
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