Best Free Local Business Directories For Small Businesses
Drawing in new customers is certainly a top priority for any small business, but it's no walk in the park. In the past, Yellow pages, newspapers and radio ads, and other forms of traditional advertising were some of the go-to strategies that local business used so their customers can find them. Today, however, that's no longer the case. With the advent of the internet, people are now relying on reputable review sites and authority blogs so they will know which businesses and brands to trust. Even the best lead generation companies in Arizona are keen to take advantage of the potential of local business directories in driving traffic and promoting awareness.

Now if you're a local business, one of the best lead generation solutions in Arizona strategies that you can use to reach out to as many potential customers as possible is by taking advantage of online directories. And if you only rely on a handful of popular online directories, you might be saving yourself precious time and energy but you won't be maximizing your potential to enjoy optimum online visibility in the process as well.

Once you list your local business to an online directory, you are increasing your chances of getting found by customers who are searching for products and services online which means the more directories you get listed on, the better the chances.

With that being said, here are the best free local business directories that small business can use to drive new, potential customers, create brand awareness, and increase sales as a result.

1. Google My Business

Google My Business is a powerful tool used by many lead generation marketing services in Tempe because it allows you to draw in new customers for free. The beauty of the online directory is that your listing will appear instantly on people's phone or computer screens once they search for your business or similar business on Google search or Maps. You can also help your business listing stand out by integrating attractive photos, coupons, and more. It's even possible to reply to any customer review and see whose checking your listing including their location.

2. Yelp

Yelp is a popular local business listings site with over 135 million businesses included in their database. People use it when they want to dine in a new pizza shop, get drinks at the bar, and search for just about any business in any given city. And just like Google My Business, Yelp allows you to include not only your businesses' details in your listing but also photos, coupons, a brief overview of what your business is about, and much more. You can also reply to any customer review and check out vital statistics about your profile.

3. Bing Places

Although Google is still the undisputed king of search engines, there are still other search engines that you can use to maximize your visibility online and Bing is one of them. In fact, Bing has over millions of active online users and still growing as we speak as it is the default search engine for new PCs, tablets, and smartphones with Windows at its Operating System. For many prominent lead generation companies Arizona, Bing Places is an online business directory site that they will always put some time and energy on.


Internet users and shoppers use to locate local businesses within their city. For businesses, they can enjoy free listings in the site and the opportunity to get found by numerous local customers online. One great feature about the directory site is that local businesses can be listed on the first spot of its search results for its respective city. What's more, it can display Name, Address, and Phone number or NAP details, map directions and any and all reviews that the local business has enjoyed from its satisfied customers.

5. Angie's List

When people want to know what the best health and home products are, they have been relying on Angie's list's sound advice for the past two decades. For a local business owner looking to bring in more customers, they can simply add their business to the listing site and take advantage of its well-established reputation. What's more, you can enjoy better online visibility with a hardworking team that will set you up for success. And just like other mentioned directory sites, you can also see which customers are satisfied and which are not and instantly get in touch with them using their own message platform. No wonder why Angie's list has been contentiously relied on by lead generation marketing services Tempe.


The site provides an easy but effective means for local businesses to reach out to their customers and have been used by countless lead generation solutions Arizona companies to gain an exposure edge over the rest of the competition. Express update relays your business information to the most popular search engines like Google and Bing, widely used car navigation platforms, and other online listing sites as well, extending your business's reach to countless potential customers.

7. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages provides listing services for small and local businesses and offers answers to some of your online marketing problems as well. You can easily create your own business profile for free and display relevant information regarding your product or service such as its address and telephone number and even videos, photos, email adds and website links as well.

8. City Search

Citysearch is a consumer's virtual tour guide to various cities in the US, pointing him to different businesses in any given metropolis neatly grouped into dining, entertainment, retail, travel, and professional services. Users will also view relevant information about any business listed in the site including contact information, map and driving directions, helpful content, and reviews from other customers. If you have your own business, you can list your product or service easily in its site with all the relevant information you need including special offers or coupons to attract more customers. Certainly something that a lead generation solutions Arizona agency would love to get their hands on.

listing services for small and local businesses


The site was designed to provide consumers with the kind of information that they need to land the right product and service that they are looking for. works by allowing consumers to rank and suggest businesses just like they would when they are talking in person. For businesses, they are permitted to reply to comments and reviews that they garnered. Its simply a great way for consumers and businesses to engage online without the physical barriers of time and distance that are part of a normal, personal interaction.

10. Manta

Manta has a whopping 30 million users every month and this vast amount of audience can be invaluable to any business who wants to generate a lot of new customers including lead generation marketing services in Tempe as well. Business owners can list their products and services and advertise them by bringing in logos, photos, and numerous other relevant info. Local businesses can also view the number of people that come to their profile on the site.

11. Four Square

Foursquare notifies users if one of their friends has been in a certain business in its list and also notifies them of the hottest nearby places to dine, shop, get entertained and more. They also have the option to provide their own feedback on any business on the directory by providing comments or creating their own list of events and the places that they love to hang out.

For local business owners, they can be part of the Four Square community and get access to instant information about what consumers are doing. To stand out from the rest of the crowd in your industry, you are allowed to offer coupons to people who have been eager enough to "check-in" in your listing.

12. Mapquest

Mapquest directs your customers toward your business seamlessly. The free online web-mapping service provides user-friendly directions and maps so consumers will know where to go every time they want to purchase a certain product or service nearby. For lead generation solutions Arizona companies, it's simply an effective tool that they can use to drive more traffic to their websites.

13. Merchant Circle

Merchant Circle is the biggest online portal for local businesses on the web. Aside from their well-known internet business listings service, they also offer tools for marketing, online advertising, web design and video creation. In terms of their listing service, you have the option to integrate coupons, newsletters, reply to comments and reviews, and many more.

14. YellowBot

When it comes to scraping Yellow Pages, YellowBot is what all lead generation companies Arizona contiguously rely on. Users can access information from more than 20 Yellow Pages websites all across the globe. For local business owners, YellowBot provides them with the opportunity to connect and reach out to potential customers online through an easy to use platform.

15. Super Pages

A directory site that provides local business listings, recommendations, and marketing answers to any business owner who wants to drive traffic and customers towards its product or service. Be part of Super Pages listings with ease and start reaching out to consumers everywhere by displaying relevant information about your business, making special deals, reply to any review and comment that your customer makes, and many more.

Social Networking

16. Linked in

LinkedIn was made for businesses to market their brand, products and services, and for professionals who want to advertise their skills and expertise as well. For a local business and lead generation marketing services Tempe, taking advantage of Linked in and its pool of potential customers is vital. The Social Networking site gives you the ability to make your own public "Company Page" that represent what your business is and how it can help consumers. What's more, the Company page you make will be connected to any of your employee's profile who also use Linked In.

17. DiscoverOurTown

DiscoverOurTown or DOT has created an extensive online web of different businesses, including small and medium-scale local businesses, in more than two thousand cities all over the United States, giving consumers a virtual city guide to shop, dine, and have fun with their family and friends. The virtual city guide provides travel details, the hottest locations in any given city and business listing for any town in the US. For local businesses, DOT provides a great platform to connect with consumers. In the site, they can input relevant information about their business including map directions, opening and closing hours, contact details, and more.

18. The Business Journals

Essentially, The Business Journals provides the most relevant news and advice that could help business owners make an informed decision. Presently, the company is unparalleled when it comes to the number of medical personnel, publications, and websites that report about America's business situation.

Just recently, The Business Journals has released its own business directory platform which covers almost every city in the United States. Just like other business listing site, you can integrate any vital information about your business in your own listings.

19. Hot Frog

Hotfrog is a search engine designed for business, with monthly visitors that hover around 2 million making it a powerful tool for any business owner and lead generation solutions Arizona. It was designed to give small business the opportunity to generate more sales and drive customer awareness through a comprehensive advertising platform. Aside from adding their own listing to Hot Frog, business owners can also integrate images, give out coupons, and many more. It also provides analysis tools that can help you pinpoint the kind of keywords that are effectively generating the most buzz and traffic to your business profile.

20. Localeze

Neustar's Localeze provides relevant content and information to local search engines. For a local business owner, Localeze offers advanced tools that will help them confirm and take control of their own local listings all over the internet. It partners with different local search engines and virtual direction services, prominent brands and local business as well. If you are a small or medium-sized business, Localeze is one tool you don't want to miss out.

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