15 Business to Business Lead Generation Tips
So you're planning to undergo a business to business lead generation campaign? If you are, then be prepared to experience a painstaking and enormous undertaking.

For those who are working in sales, they know full well how difficult it is to provide the results that companies demand from their sales and marketing personnel. With the immense pressure brought about by hitting monthly and yearly sales quotas, there is often no time left to generate prospects and nurture them even though they play a vital role in every sales process. After all, every sales cycle begins and ends in finding new prospects.

If you ask any prominent local SEO marketing service Tempe company, most of the time, its the business that finds that prospect and rarely the other way around when it comes to B2B lead generation. This is because prospects will only shop for vendors only if they are ready to buy a certain product or solution they are looking for to address a certain need.

While the opportunity is always there to find a new prospect in the right time and situation - when they are ready to make that all-important purchase, a lot of businesses do not possess the kind of exposure required to seize this golden opportunity at its fullest.

Through sound business to business strategies, however, many local listing services Arizona companies managed to secure more leads and condition their prospect's minds to believe that the kind of product or service being offered to them is exactly what they need.

Take your time in reading through the 15 lead generation tips that we have prepared for you below. These tips have been used by many companies and business in different sizes in their very own campaigns. The purpose of this list is to give you some fundamental ideas that will help you augment your business to business lead generation strategies.

Set Up A Referral Program

1. Set Up a Referral Program

Are your customers satisfied with your product or service? Are they sharing your company with their friends and social networks? And if they are, how often are they doing it? Has any of your existing customer base been instrumental in creating new leads and obtaining new customers?

You need to know the answer to these questions and ponder unto them because according to an expert local listing marketing service in Arizona company, more than 90% of consumers believe what their friends and networks have to say about a certain product, brand or service. What's more, more than 83% of satisfied customers don't have a problem referring products and services, but only less than 30% actually refer them.

With that being said, you can take advantage of this universal consumer behavior by establishing a referral program that will offer rewards to customers that help you land successful referrals. To make it easier for customers to make referrals, you can rely on apps like ReferralCandy to automatically provide customers with referral links, give them coupons and special rewards every time they make a successful referral, and stay on top of what's happening.

2. Always welcome comments and feedback when calling prospects

The problem with most sales agents is that they tend to talk more and listen less. There is a reason why we have two sets of ears and only a single mouth, and that is so we can talk less and listen more and not the other way around. When you are calling a certain prospect, always maintain an attentive and "ready to listen to all of your problems" stance.

Try to approach the prospect like you were a parent listening to your child or someone who is comforting a person in grief. The first thing that you want to know is what the person or company's problem really is. This way, it would be easy for you to position your product or service as the solution the prospect is looking for.

Equip yourself with a reliable CRM

3. Equip yourself with a reliable CRM

There are plenty of CRMs available on the market today but the most successful local SEO marketing service Tempe will always use the most reliable one. A reliable CRM will give you the kind of sales analytic report that that will help you determine the different lead sources that are creating sales. Through the information provided by the CRM, it would be easy for you to choose between leads based on their ability to generate sales and prioritize those that provide the best results.

4. Make an Ebook

Consumers trust companies and businesses that provide useful information that's why an effective lead generating technique that you can follow is making an Ebook that offers helpful content. As a matter of fact, many experts in the digital marketing sphere believe that it's the most effective strategy in drawing people towards your business. When you follow the right steps in creating a well thought Ebook, it could prove to be the game-changing factor that you have been looking for to elevate your business.

The trick is to make an informative Ebook with valuable content that any eager prospect can get for free in exchange for their contact details, and this will serve as your gateway to countless potential customers.

5. Hand out gifts and feel-good letters in the Holidays

One local listing marketing service Arizona managed to generate more sales simply by sending gifts and greeting cards to their prospects during the holidays. Never forget that prospects are human beings too and they will always feel a sense of indebtedness to people who offer heartwarming gifts and greetings. And this feeling of indebtedness could translate to a purchase or interest to make one, and at the very least, a good worth of mouth.

If you pursue this lead generating strategy, however, be sure that you have a system in place, so you will know which of the prospects that received gifts made an action whether its an inquiry or a purchase. A simple spreadsheet would do the trick for this kind of undertaking. For those good prospects in your sales process, don't forget to let them know how much you appreciate them by sending a box of chocolates or something special as a gift.

6. Always stick to a plan

This ought to be mentioned at the very first part of the discussion but you might already know how important having a sound plan is, so we just put it in this spot. Nevertheless, being fully prepared is vital to a successful B2B lead generation undertaking especially when it comes to sales calling.

Simply put, it would be harder to close out a potential sales deal without a specific plan in place. From start to finish, you should pursue a pre-planned system that is designed to give you the best possible results.

Use Experiential Marketing

7. Use Experiential Marketing

Basically, experiential marketing involves providing a captivating experience to prospects so your brand will stand out. Instead of sending sales messages that a lot of people dislike, experiential marketing focuses on generating events that allow prospects to engage with the brand in a more powerful way.

For many successful listing services Arizona companies, this means hosting concerts, workshops, and free seminars. The key to succeeding in this marketing strategy is to make a unique and exciting activity that is both enticing and interactive.

8. Hire consultants

In B2B lead generation, its important to know who to partner with. Without the right partner, you may not be able to give your marketing campaign the best position possible to succeed.

With that being said, try to partner with different experts in your respective industry. Look for the right consultants, perhaps a former marketing head at a competing company or a professional who enjoys solid connections and networks in your niche. Try to create an incentive-based system that will compensate them every time one of their prospects converts into a successful sale so they will become more eager to make referrals or generate prospects.

9. Try LinkedIn's Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is basically a sister company of LinkedIn although it operates completely separate from LinkIn's Social Media profile platform. As we speak, more and more local listing services Arizona companies and an assortment of other businesses are increasingly relying on Sales Navigator to pursue a professional business to business sales campaign for the reason that it holds the biggest database of prospects not only in the United States but in the entire world.

What's more, the tool allows you to target the prospects that you are looking for with better accuracy than other similar online sales tools. You can focus on prospects through 31 contact features like a job description and the date in which they began their present job title. What's more, you can target the same prospects by 14 company features such as the size of their company and where it is operating.

Through its immense database, reliable data, and the numerous possible means in which you can filter the data through 45 unique features, Sales Navigator gives you the opportunity to locate the right leads with better precision and reach out to them in a more personalized way.

10. Offer Free Audits

Similar to tip #5, it's always wise to offer prospects with freebies so they will feel a sense of indebtedness to give the favor back, whether it means making a purchase, inquiry, or putting a good word about your company. Instead of sending free gifts and holiday cards, however, this time you will be providing your prospects with a free service in the form of audits.

Offer your prospects the professional services of your very own digital marketing experts without asking any kind of compensation in return. If your experts manage to find problems in your prospect's website and provide immediate and effective solutions to them, this will instantly make your business stand out from the rest of the competition as it will tell the industry that you are someone who is there to genuinely lend help and not just make money which ironically, will generate you more sales as result.

competition's customers

11. Check out the competition's customers

A successful local SEO marketing service Tempe agency will always keep an eye on the competition and who their customers are. Check out your competitor's testimonials or review section and see what their customers have to say. If you spot any disgruntled client, try and sweep in immediately with an effective sales pitch that promises to give what your competition has failed to do. For those satisfied customers, simply keep an eye on them and give them a call from time to time. Wait for the opportunity when the relationship they share with your competition turns to sour so you can step in make and make your offer.

12. Track who's visiting your site

You want to know who's coming to your website and the best way to go about this is through a tracking tool like Leadberry, ThatLeadProspector, and the like. These tools allow you to know who's visiting your site for an affordable price. Not only that, but these tools will also give you the names of all your visitors and the email addresses of high-value prospects that you are targeting in real-time.

13. Develop an App

Another effective strategy that local listing services Arizona companies use to generate more leads is developing an app that potential customers in your market can like and share. It's not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on an interactive game - a simple app that provides great value to online businesses and marketers will do.

For instance, of your target prospects are having a hard time in networking, you can develop an app that will help them reach out to different agencies. This is one great way to succeed in a B2B lead generation.

The trade Show Walk-in strategy

14. The trade Show Walk-in strategy

Trade shows are great avenues to market your product or service to countless eager prospects. The chances of making numerous direct sales during the event are quite high since most of the people attending it are serious customers as they would not have taken the time and effort to attend the event if they are not interested in buying.

However, most trade shows are quite expensive - hovering in the thousands of dollars for attendance fee - and you may need a lot of logistics in play to set up your booth. One way to avoid this cost and hassle while still seizing the marketing opportunity presented by the event is to send a salesperson or a company representative to simply be there to walk around.

Be sure that you already know which companies are worth your time during the event. Start each conversation like you are an interested customer and end it with an inquiry on who might be in need of your product or service and how you can reach them out.

15. Make follow-up emails automatic

Sometimes it takes a number of follow-up calls and emails for a certain lead to become a customer and every experienced local listing marketing service Arizona agency knows this. All it takes is the right piece of message at the right time and situation when the prospect is finally ready to buy, and you have successfully converted a prospect into a customer.

Making follow-up emails on customers that made inquiries about your product or service, grabbed a copy of your free E-book or app, or made an action in your website that hints an interest to purchase or avail, is a vital part in a B2B sales process. Doing this process manually is a painstaking ordeal but by automating it, you will be relieving yourself countless precious time and energy that you can use to other important areas of your marketing campaign or business.

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