8 Types of Businesses Need SEO The Most?
If you’re considering whether or not SEO is right for your business, the answer ten out of ten times is yes. A good SEO strategy by top SEO experts is going to get your content in front of people with increased visibility in the search engines. It’s a method that’s more cost-efficient than pouring a ton of money into ads. It’s one of those things that what you put into it, is what you’ll get out of it. SEO takes a decent amount of time to maintain with constant improvements in demand of the ever-changing algorithms.

If you’re in Arizona, seeking out top SEO monthly packages and marketing services will be one of the best things you do for your business online. Let someone else do all of the work for you, while you watch your business rise to the better ranks on Google month over month. Every business can benefit from SEO strategy.

A lot of businesses owners are unsure whether or not SEO is a strategy that makes sense for them. This is greatly because there’s a misconception of what it actually is and can do for you. Many people think that a paid strategy with ads is a good way to go, but really, organic search is going to give you that high-quality traffic that you need. If you’re still not convinced that SEO is right for you, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of businesses that need it the most. Keep reading!

Here are 8 Types of Businesses that Need SEO the Most:

8 Types of Businesses that Need SEO

Niche businesses

If your business caters to a very specific audience and you perform very specialized services that only certain people would really need, we’re looking at you. Whether you’re local or you’re national, niche businesses definitely need SEO. Because you’re already so focused, the keywords used for search will have less competition to them. Your audience is going to be a lot smaller than those with non-niche businesses and your overall traffic will be lower, however, you have a lot of opportunities to get to the top of the first page on Google search because of your deep relevance to your audience.

Niche companies have an awesome advantage when it comes to the search algorithms. As long as your producing high-quality content constantly and you’re avoiding overstuffing your keywords, you can perform really well and drive great, relevant traffic with a good SEO strategy. Cloud LGS in Tempe works with tons of niche businesses on SEO every single day.


The first reason why SEO is great for both startups and small businesses alike is that it’s a cost-effective strategy that drives results. Instead of pouring money into ads, you’re paying a monthly package fee and that’s it. In the beginning stages of your business, you want to save your money to scale your business. Because you have a smaller customer base and a smaller target audience, for now, SEO will really provide great traffic driving benefits and give you the competitive edge, especially if you target smaller niches of broad audiences.

With that being said, while you’re in startup mode, the last thing you want to be doing is spending time nurturing your SEO strategy and pumping out content all day. You have other things to do! An expert team can maintain your efforts and push out new content weekly to keep your website top of mind for the search algorithms. Because you’re rewarded for fresh, quality content, it’s important to keep up with it, especially when you’re a new business. Cloud LGS has great small business SEO packages to help!

SaaS companies

Being a completely digital company, this business model continues to grow in popularity. SEO is going to be a huge traffic driver for these companies, simply because the traditional route of advertising doesn’t make much sense. Because you need people to be constantly flowing to your site, you need strong traffic tactics and an even stronger funnel. SEO is a huge piece of that puzzle in getting these users who are searching for solutions, on your website.

When a person has a problem, they search for the answer in Google. What does Google do? They provide that person with the top solutions. You want to be sure to be that top solution that Google recognizes when it runs the search. SEO is how you get to that spot organically and not appearing as a paid ad. Cloud LGS can help you be that solution for your customers with various monthly SEO packages fit for any businesses both large and small.

Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

When people are sick or they’re searching for a doctor to take a look at their various symptoms, they’re performing that search on Google. Most people will go to the doctors that show up in those first few ranks of the first page of Google. In order to be the doctor or other medical professionals in that spot, you need a good and consistent SEO marketing strategy to keep you there. By implementing these tactics, you can maintain a top spot and keep users not only visiting your website but visiting your office too.

The great news for these businesses is that you are typically working in one local area, meaning that your audience is clearly defined and hyper-targeted. You also have a very specialized business, which lowers the competition and gives you an advantage. Cloud LGS works with a variety of medical professionals by performing monthly SEO services and keeping the businesses top of mind for potential patients that are looking for answers.

Local companies

Cloud LGS loves working with local companies. Most people don’t know this, but there’s actually a local search that’s separate from national searches. If a user types in a specific geographic location, there will be a few options that show up above the normal search results. These typically have a map with them. These three spots are super important for your business because most people will choose one of those three because they feel a sense of trust that they’re relevant and good at what they do.

It’s important to have a great SEO package with constant maintenance in order to secure and hold these slots. You need fresh, relevant content that gives great answers to a user's most pressing questions. If you’re a company that works solely in one local area, this is great news for you because you’re instantly beating out the competition that isn’t trying to rank for those geographic terms. Cloud LGS has all of the tools and knowledge in order to get your business ranking for those spots over time.

Home Improvement Companies

Maintenance and Home Improvement Companies 

Cloud LGS considers these types of contractors a great specialty when it comes to SEO work and marketing packages. There are tons of businesses that fall into this category that include contractors of all sorts, real estate, flooring, repairs, and more. Because you’re the one that people call when if there’s a problem or if they need your services for something when they type that question into Google, SEO will help you be there for them.

You have a physical item or business and you’re likely a local company fulfilling a service. The second one, as we’ve learned, makes you a great candidate for SEO. Most of the time, people need maintenance professionals as soon as possible. This means that they’ll make a quick decision based on what they find at the top of the list in Google, and they’ll likely convert with the sale. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity because you’re not putting a good online marketing strategy to use. 

Legal Professionals

Most legal professionals specialize in a specific type of law which gives them that niche targeting opportunity. This gives them the advantage over other lawyers and a lot of opportunities when it comes to keywords. They also are usually a locally based business which helps you to tap into those geographic slots we learned about earlier. The lawyers that rank well in the search usually get great conversions because of that trust factor that’s established.

People searching for lawyers and asking law related questions probably really need your help so it’s unlikely that they won’t convert if they’re finding you at the top of the list. If you’re ranking much lower, chances are your competition is going to have the advantage as that first person that the user calls. Having constant blog content related to the different questions that people may have when they’re searching for legal advice is also important. It will establish your business as a go-to when it comes to the questions that they have.

Bars and Restaurants

Because bars and restaurants have a physical location that people need to find when they search for you on Google, utilizing SEO tactics is super beneficial. Again, you are a specialized business which gives you a competitive advantage and good keyword opportunity, in addition to ranking for those geographic terms. So many people use the search engines for suggestions on where to eat, especially when people are visiting new places and are unfamiliar with the options. You want to make sure you’re the option that shows up first over the guy next door.

With restaurants and bars, you’re not necessarily trying to get people onto your website, you just need to show up on that first page in the slot of three with the map resulting from a local search. In order to secure and maintain that spot, you need an expert team constantly working on the SEO and other digital marketing tactics for your website. You need an appealing look as far as aesthetic goes, and you need all pieces of the puzzle properly filled out when people are looking for you. Cloud LGS can help with your SEO strategy, your website strategy, and so much more.

SaaS companies

So does my business need SEO?

The answer every time is yes! If you didn’t see your specific business on the list above, that doesn’t mean that your type of business won’t benefit. Search is highly competitive and with the algorithms constantly updating, your website needs to be constantly updated as well in order to stay relevant and top of mind. If you are a local business, if you have an online presence, if you are niche, a startup, or a small business, you will greatly benefit if you utilize SEO and you will likely fall beneath the competition if you don’t.

SEO is more than just simply plugging a few keywords into your website. There are fine-tuned methods and a balance to all of it. You need just the right amount of keywords in certain places, constant content updates in the form of long and informative blog posts, outbound links, inbound links, images, and a whole lot more. Gone are the days when SEO was just a quick task. The search engines are highly competitive and the algorithms are looking for only the best when crawling all of the noise out there. Quality, organic traffic is where you’re going to see the most conversions and the most cost-effective marketing strategy when it comes to your return on investment.

The digital world is moving quickly and your business needs to as well. Cloud LGS specializes in top SEO marketing packages, website building, PPC, social media management, and more. Whatever your digital marketing needs are in order to better build your presence, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website, our expert team will have you covered. Simply choose from any of our tier level packages based on your individual needs and we will take over from there. Contact us today to speak with any one of our SEO experts to get a package setup that’s right for you.

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