How Important is SEO in 2020

We hear you! You’ve been hearing the buzzword for years when it comes to successfully marketing your business in this difficult to navigate digital space. “Do I need SEO?” “What will SEO do for me?” “What does SEO even stand for?” We’re here to clear the air and help you optimize your content with an integrated SEO strategy that gets results.

If you’re looking for your website to appear in the top results on the most popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, below you’ll find all the reasons why you need it and why an SEO expert is key to your success!

You think to yourself: "Is SEO still relevant?"

Let’s break down the basics. If you’re not aware, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the targeted marketing strategy used to increase website traffic and online presence through keyword optimization for organic search. However, SEO has become a lot more than just focusing on keywords. It’s about working with the special algorithms put in place to crawl your pages and rank them. Google’s RankBrain is the hurdle you have to pass to get your content seen.

Rankbrain rewards certain, high-quality content and are updated every few weeks with no announcement. While content optimization for keywords is important, the algorithm is more honed in on the complete search term that a user types into the search engine and how your content is actually going to help them and satisfy their search. Think about the end users goal and how you can help them meet that goal.

SEO Is More Important Now Than Ever

SEO Is More Important Now Than Ever!

It’s no lie that optimizing your business website to rank for organic search will allow your services and products to be discovered. SEO used to be as simple as making sure that the right keywords were found throughout your content, but these days, stuffing keywords doesn’t cut it for your integrated SEO strategy anymore. You might get traffic, but the quality of your content would likely not perform well as far as conversion goes.

While it may sound simple to just enhance the quality of your content and be good to go, it’s not. There is a balance that needs to be met where a solid strategy is needed. If your content is not direct enough, the algorithm may have difficulty understanding what you’re getting at. With machine learning at play and the fact that technology is rapidly changing the way that search engines function, it’s not possible to rank on the first page of Google in a matter of hours. It takes time for good SEO strategy to gain traction and start displaying results, but once it does, your site holds power in the ranks!

According to Search Engine Journal, here are a few of the reasons why SEO is more important now than ever:

  • Higher quality pages are indexed and ranked
  • A more immersive online experience is desired by users
  • Users are seeking information and education before they make a purchase
  • The user’s experience is Google’s main focus

Don’t waste time trying to understand why your organic search decreased, rather focus on updating your content continues to meet the needs of the algorithm. We know now that these updates are going to continue to be made. The main thing to keep in mind is user-centric content that mentions your keywords is key.

SEO Will Still Be Necessary for People to Find What They Want

SEO is more important now than ever for people to be able to find what they want. Google is now making sure that the pages they direct a user to, accurately meet their needs of searching a term in the first place. While keywords kind of have a diminished value when it comes to SEO strategy, they are still important and are the key piece to the act of search. Users will still be looking for information linked to the specific terms they are typing into the search engine. That hasn’t changed. What has changed is Google’s focus on supplying quality information – every time.

Think about the search habits of your audience. What do they need to know? What questions would they ask when it comes to seeking your product or service? What specific words are they using? Where are they located? Thoroughly thinking through the demographic that you’re targeting will help you in crafting the perfect content for their needs. As Google processes on the upwards of 50,000 search queries every second, people could be searching for keywords related to your business at every second of the day. It’s important to optimize your content to be seen.

What Search Engines Are Saying About SEO?

The Secret Behind "What Search Engines are Saying About SEO?"

Major search engine companies like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, are aware that users want to see fresh, quality content that answers questions and provides correct information at every search. They know that in the past, companies have tried manipulating the algorithms by keyword stuffing and that this leaves the end user frustrated and with unanswered questions. No user wants to search for one thing and find something completely different. This is why the search algorithms are constantly updated.

Following particular guidelines set in place by Google, you will increase your chances of landing those higher ranking search positions over time. For one, things like telling Google what pages should not be crawled, like internal search pages and URLs created by proxy services, is important. The second thing is to be sure that the Googlebot can successfully crawl by creating a title that reads naturally and directly suggests the content. If your title too long, vague, keyword stuffed, or unrelated, you won’t be ranked well. It’s also important to write good meta tags with a short, concise summary of your content. The headings in your content should relate directly to the search terms and touch on important information. One more tip is to organize your site hierarchy, your navigation, well.

Aside from structural tips, focusing on content is an integral part of SEO optimization. Easy to read, well-linked information is key. It’s also important to look at mobile friendly attributes so that your site indexes well when found on mobile devices. All in all, if you pay attention to what Google is saying about SEO and best practices, you will do well when it comes to the continuously changing algorithm.

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An In-Depth Look at SEO in 2020

Let’s take an in-depth look at the trends of SEO in 2020 and how you can best navigate and maneuver to ensure your site is gaining traction among the ranks. Keep in mind that these things do change from time to time, but the core of these lessons have been gathered to assist you in understanding the confusing, time-consuming process!

Focus on user-centric quality content

Two words: comprehensive and relevance. We’ve touched on this a ton already, but why not once more. Google is obsessed with content that answers questions and doesn’t turn people off. If you have in-depth, relevant content on your site that matches the search terms that people will be using when it comes to your business and industry, you will be in a good spot. If you’re not writing good content and you’re using search terms that are not relevant, expect to be penalized when the search engines crawl your pages. Think into the mind of your target demographic and you’ll prevail!

SERP features

This includes featured snippets, local packs, knowledge panels and other information that shows when your site shows up in a search. These are attention-grabbing features that tend to get clicks more often than a site with no features shown. As time goes on and these features are enhanced, you better believe they are key to winning over your audience!

Attention spans matter

With attention span decreasing by the second, we are seeing an influx of different types of content emerge. Shorter videos and text blurbs are two examples. There is going to be a greater focus on experience-centric content that is immersive as the conversions continue to rise. This is where a high-level brand strategy comes in to establish strong, meaningful connections with consumers.

Google is actually sculpting your site index

As Google becomes more focused on the end user and how they are supplying them with data and what exactly is showing up in the search, they are actually going in and indexing your site on their own. This means that they are removing indexed pages that they find irrelevant or not high-quality so that only the best pages are displayed. The best way to combat this so that important information isn’t being displayed to users is to go to your site and analyze where that may occur.

Speed is a need

Your pages need to load in under three seconds for a good user experience. There are online speed tests to be sure that your site is performing and functioning well. If your page is slower than three seconds, data has shown that users will click away and go elsewhere. The attention span of the end user is decreasing by the second – literally.

Mobile is growing

This is no secret. As the popularity of voice search continues to rise, over half of Google searches are from mobile. This means that you need to pay attention to your mobile-friendly SEO strategy. A mobile and SEO focused company like Cloud LGS will help you mobile optimize your pages so that you’re meeting all mobile needs.

Backlinks without links

We know that backlinks are important for SEO, but even the mentions without links are beginning to rank! They are an off-page SEO tactic on the rise. When your brand is mentioned, it matters. It’s been said that Bing is already utilizing the tactic of linkless backlinks for ranking. You can bet that everyone else is going to follow.

What Is Most Important: Quality Or Quantity

What Is Most Important: Quality Or Quantity?

After reading through this guide, I’m sure you know the answer to this question. Quality takes reign over quantity when it comes to SEO in 2020. Like we mentioned, keyword stuffing now penalizes your rank in the search engines, while a couple keyword mentions among high-quality, user-focused content is what matters. Have at least one of your keywords in the first 100 words on your page and then shift gears to focus on producing good information.

Quality is also an important focus when you’re finishing out the whole package of your content. Good backlinks, meta tags, headlines, URLs, speed, and more are all just as important as the content itself. The SERP features you use need to be quality as well. Well-written, clear, and concise information that’s transparent will get you ranked higher.

Mobile Friendly SEO

Does Mobile Friendly SEO definitely matter?

Mobile friendly SEO is becoming more and more important year over year. While voice search has been on the rise, 50% of Google searches are occurring on mobile devices. If people search and come across your site only to find that the structure is poor and it’s not what they’re looking for, they’re going to leave and probably never come back. Think bounce rate and uncrawlable pages. So how do you make your SEO optimization mobile friendly?

The accelerated mobile pages project by Google is to create a more user-friendly experience through an exclusive standard for creating web content for mobile devices. There is a set of rules that need to be followed for better search ranking and CTR. That’s click-through rate. Accelerated Mobile Pages is a simple HTML format that loads quicker.

Eventually, Google’s mobile-first index is going to be a major player in the SEO game. It will essentially change how your site is crawled and indexed in general. Google has said that they don’t have a definitive date for this release and that they are taking steps to ensure that non-mobile friendly sites won’t be totally affected up front, it’s important to focus on mobile-friendly SEO sooner rather than later. The change is coming, we just don’t know when. As long as your site is responsive and filled with high-quality content, you will be good to go. Consulting and working with a mobile-focused company like Cloud LGS will help you to be better prepared when the time does come and Google begins focusing on mobile-first.

Don't forget about the future of SEO

The future of SEO will continue to be user-focused on high-quality content that answers people’s questions and engages through immersive experiences. The millennial generation and after has demanded a more authentic connection with the brands they interact with and purchase from. This has completely changed the game and will continue to do so as time goes on. As consumers rely more and more on their mobile devices, and less on their desktop computers outside of a work environment, mobile first SEO is going to be a key component of the future. While you have time to make all of these changes, it will help to have a mobile-friendly SEO expert team on your side to ensure that your content remains relevant with time and the constant changes in search algorithms.

The three key takeaways to keep in mind when considering the future of SEO:

  • It’s about quality, not quantity
  • The algorithms constantly change, don’t waste time trying to analyze them
  • Mobile-friendly SEO is important

    Does Link Building Still Exist?

    Does Link Building Still Exist? Here's what you need to know.

    Are you finding the world of SEO to be quite confusing to navigate? Especially when one-second keywords are key, then they aren’t. Links are super important, and then they aren’t. There’s conflicting information out there coming from even the top search engines themselves. This search engine marketing company is here to help clear the air on one important aspect regarding the best practices of SEO.

    This one important aspect you ask? Link Building. Since companies began manipulating the search algorithms when it came to building links, Google’s basically advertised that they’ve done away with their importance when it comes to top ranking your page. If you’re not really a search engine marketer that has some sort of idea about how the algorithm works and what the effective search engine optimization tactics are, you might take that information and stop link building altogether. We’re here to tell you that backlinks are still a big major factor when it comes to ranking your page.

    Google essentially got tired blackhat SEO tactics with of inaccurate links pointing to irrelevant and spammy content, but the links themselves still matter. According to SEO expert Neil Patel, your content won’t rank in the top 10 on Google with no links. Google uses the quality of your links to determine the authoritative nature of your content. That being said, while link building takes time, it’s what fuels your SEO work as it builds the credibility of your site and your content.

    There are on-page and off-page SEO tactics and backlink building is an example of off-page. Essentially, you want other sites to link to your content so that Google can see the popularity of your page. The difficult part of it is that these don’t build up on their own, especially if you’re a smaller, less-known business. While many companies have stopped trying to build backlinks altogether, those that continue to do so will rise to the top. It’s hard work, but the traction and rank increase is important and well-earned.

    According to Neil Patel and other great SEO experts and references, a few backlink strategies include:

    Reaching out to different sites to ask them to add a link to your content from their content. This is a common practice, however, many companies have stopped doing this as it’s become somewhat saturated and spammy.

    There is also the option of guest blogging for other websites. Find sites that let you guest contribute. The best sites to do this for will be the ones that have a form fill for guest blogger submissions as opposed to emailing editors and awaiting replies.

    Mention popular influencers in your content. The influencer may share your content and it also becomes great content for organic search – especially with a great, catchy headline.

    Check for broken links. Look for broken links on similar sites to yours. When you find one, you can email them to let them know they have a broken link and that they can replace it with your link.

    Utilize infographics for clicks. They’re super popular and shareable!

    Although it takes up time and can be seen as an aggressive tactic, successfully building up your backlinks will help you succeed and beat out the competition. From relevancy, authority, and popularity, Google does indeed use links to measure this.

    One trend to keep in mind for 2020 when it comes to linking is ‘linkless’ backlinks! What is this? Now, mentions without links are beginning to rank! They are an off-page SEO tactic on the rise. When your brand is mentioned, it matters. It’s been said that Bing is already utilizing the tactic of linkless backlinks for ranking. You can bet that everyone else is going to follow. Also, note the trend of ‘FakeLinks’ in which companies seek out the press and provide links with no credit to then receive links with credit in return.

    Am I losing you? It’s okay. A company with expert search engine marketers will help you navigate the dense waters of SEO with a solid SEO marketing strategy. Let Cloud LGS handle everything for you.

    Budget Factor Considerations For SEO In 2018

    Budget factor considerations for SEO in 2020!

    No matter the budget you have for SEO services, it’s important to choose a team of experienced and well-versed search engine marketers with a portfolio of clients for whom they service for SEO. Be sure to look into the methods that they use for obtaining results and if they tell you that they get instant results, meaning that you’d start ranking at the top tomorrow, look the other way. It’s important to go with a company that specializes in SEO. Don’t go for the cheapest company, or the most expensive.

    Good SEO services will cost you anywhere between $400 to $2000 a month depending on the level of service that you choose. From the number of keywords to the on-page and off-page efforts that you select for service, the time that it takes to manage your account, therefore the budget will be higher. If you want an SEO strategy that follows best practices and starts showing results over time, it’s important to choose a fully inclusive package with at least 15 keywords, article writing, page optimization and more.

    Since Google’s algorithm has shifted to become more focused on the quality of content and the relevance to the end user, SEO entails a lot more than just standard keyword research and optimization. High-quality content, good links, proper structure and constant refreshing and maintenance are key to a good SEO strategy that will be recognized and rewarded by the ever-changing search engine algorithms. There is a lot to manage and a lot to keep up with when it comes to SEO, especially as we get further into 2020.

    Cloud LGS offers a wide range of service packages that will meet the needs you’re looking for when it comes to SEO. If you’re unsure of what package type you need, we are ready to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your business and your budget.

    Here's what experts are saying about SEO

    It’s important to note that SEO is becoming increasingly more important as the top search engine algorithms continue to change every few weeks. It’s no lie that optimizing your business website to rank for organic search will allow your services and products to be discovered. SEO used to be as simple as making sure that the right keywords were found throughout your content, but these days, stuffing keywords really won’t cut it for your SEO marketing plan – it actually penalizes you. Sure, you might get traffic, but the quality of your content would likely not perform as well as it could when it comes to the audience it’s placed in front of and the conversions you gain.

    Although it’s a common theme to think the opposite, the experts are saying that link building is key to effective strategy. Many businesses are taking on the task of simply enhancing the quality of their content and calling it a day, however, there’s a lot more work that needs to be done in order to get the results that you want over time.

    You need to find the balance between over linking and under linking your content. If you have too many, especially broken links or links that direct to irrelevant content, you are going to be penalized. You also need a diverse set of backlinks for your content and not all links to the same business or platform. According to Backlinko, sites with higher domain authority actually rank higher on Google. This means that you point to a diverse set of topics.

    With machine learning at play and the fact that technology is rapidly changing the way that search engines function, it’s not possible to rank on the first page of Google in a matter of hours. It takes time for good SEO strategy to gain traction and start displaying results, but once it does, your site holds power in the ranks!

    Looking for reasons why the experts are saying that SEO is more important now than ever? Well, according to Search Engine Journal:

    Users are seeking information and education before they make a purchase. The more information and high-quality content with great links you can provide, the better.

    The search engine algorithms index and rank higher quality pages in favor.

    Users want a more immersive experience for future content. Considering all types of content for all different devices are extremely important. Especially as mobile-friendly SEO continues to grow throughout 2020. 

    Google’s main focus is user-centric content. Your SEO strategy needs to complete that package for your content.

    Experts are also talking a lot about the increasing and impending effectiveness of linkless backlinks. This means that creating a well-thought-out brand that connects with consumers on a deeper level is important. The more you do that, the more mentions you will start to receive from other brands and also your consumers. Because it’s becoming fact that you don’t need a link for the algorithms to recognize that a brand is talking about your content, it’s a form press that points to the popularity of your site. Whether this is paid or unpaid, this concept is going to be huge for brands in the future.

    Another tip from the experts is not to spend time digging into the algorithm to figure out why your content stopped performing well. The key is to focus on the tactics and continuously freshen up your content. Having a team of expert search engine marketers makes this time-consuming process a whole lot easier. They will handle the constant SEO content and maintenance required to continually move up in the search engine ranks.

    Let’s quickly touch on mobile-friendly SEO. It’s no secret that the use of mobile devices for search is growing. As the popularity of voice search continues to rise, over half of Google searches are from mobile. This means that you need to pay attention to your mobile-friendly SEO strategy. If people search and come across your site only to find that the structure is poor and it’s not what they’re looking for, they’re going to leave and probably never come back. Think bounce rate and uncrawlable pages. So how do you make your SEO optimization mobile friendly?

    The accelerated mobile pages project by Google is to create a more user-friendly experience through an exclusive standard for creating web content for mobile devices. There is a set of rules that need to be followed for better search ranking and CTR. That’s click-through rate. Accelerated Mobile Pages is a simple HTML format that loads quicker. A mobile and SEO focused company like Cloud LGS will help you mobile optimize your pages so that you’re meeting all mobile needs.

    Top SEO Services

    Top SEO Services

    Contracting a well-versed, SEO expert team like Cloud LGS can help you build the right content, as well as establish and execute a good backlinking strategy. They manage your SEO plan completely and ensure that your content is high-quality, updated regularly, and mobile friendly. Using an SEO company allows you to grow your business online in your community through the use of relevant keywords and high-performing content without you having to spend a ton of time each week doing it. Consistency is key when it comes to good performance and the increase in rank doesn’t happen overnight. A constant stream of new and engaging content is what will get your brand in front of an influx of consumers and take your business to the next level.

    Cloud LGS is a results-driven SEO agency that offers extensive techniques in making sure your business stays in the high ranks when it comes to organic search. We provide ranking reports to outline how our services have improved your spot in search results and the SEO strategies we used to get you there. SEO is only as strong as the effort put into it and we put in our all. Let us navigate the confusing waters of SEO content strategy and you’ll see your ROI increase over time.

    How To Get Successful In SEO

    How To Get Successful In SEO:

    While most companies have an idea about the benefits that SEO content offers them today, few know how to make the most out of this powerful marketing tool. That's why it's so important to take the time to really understand the process of building and using a proven SEO strategy. This takes time to do properly, and is best left up to professionals in most cases. If you're looking to get successful in SEO take some time to learn about SEO strategy and about the content marketing process in general. Below is an overview of the most effective ways to leverage SEO in a way that's going to make a difference for the company.

    Follow a Proven Blueprint

    The very first thing that every business must do to make the most of SEO content and the content marketing process is to follow a proven strategy that's worked before in the past. This is difficult to do if you're new to SEO, and requires a great deal of trial and error, or talking with professionals that already know what to do.

    In this instance it's often better to invest in the help of an SEO company that specializes in the content marketing process and making use of search engine marketing. By spending a bit more money than you would doing the work yourself, you get the help of professionals that know exactly how to get you ranking on search engines and to take that proven SEO strategy and make it into a positive change for your business.

    Without hiring professionals you'll be left figuring things out for yourself. Sure, you can pay for an SEO strategy to use, but it's just not the same as having the professionals that know how to make the most of a proven strategy. That's why so many companies today are investing in good quality services from a proven SEO company so that they can get results faster and they know their money is going toward a service that's going to pay off in the end of the content marketing process.

     How Website Security Impacts Your SEO

    If you think you can ignore security, think again!

    In the past security wasn't very important for ranking in search engines, but those days are gone. Today, Google and the other search engines care much more about whether or not your website is safe and secure to use. After all, it gives these search engines a bad name if they're sending people to dangerous websites that are compromising them. That's why, your company needs security measures in place that will protect your visitors, especially if you're doing something like running an online store where real money transactions are taking place.

    Consider an HTTPS Connection

    One of the first steps that you should take to make your website more secure and to encourage search engines to rank you highly for your SEO strategy is to switch over to an HTTPS website instead of the traditional HTTP site. The added S stands for secure, and it helps offer added security measures to your website for everyone that comes over to visit it.

    Failure to Changes Will Cost Your Site

    It might be tempting to leave your website the way it is if it's performing at a decent level already You may figure why change something if it's not broken? Your site will cost you over time though if it isn't secure. That's because search engines are beginning to look at this metric more closely and it's very likely that any future SEO strategy is going to fail, or be less effective if it takes place on an unsecure web server. It's also likely that you'll lose visitors in the future if you don't switch over to the HTTPS standard.

    It really is in your company's best interests to work with experts that will help you change over to the more secure website version before you begin the content marketing process at all. The best SEO content out there won't save your website if Google doesn't think it's secure and decides not to rank you for that reason. In fact, you'll be wasting your money for any SEO strategy that you pay for if your site isn't safe and secure first. You could even end up getting your site blocked completely, which would be a disaster for any business with an online presence.

    Schema And AMP

    Go ahead of the SEO Game with Schema and AMP

    Another important part of modern-day SEO strategy is using advanced tools like Schema markup and AMP. These two techniques are underutilized by most companies at the moment, but they are some of the most important techniques that you can rely on to help your website grow and to get the most benefit from your SEO content. If you're paying an SEO company to handle marketing for you, make sure that their SEO strategy includes Schema and AMP as well as things like short-tail keywords and other proven strategies.

    The Benefits of Schema

    Schema is a special type of markup, similar to HTML, that tells search engines more information about your content. It's a way for you to provide search users with more useful information before they even visit the page of your website at all. For instance, you can use Schema to show the title of a particular article, the author and to show a brief summary of the information that you're talking about. Schema is important for any SEO strategy because it's information that Google is beginning to value heavily, and it makes your website more user-friendly as well.

    There are special markup tools that you can use to add Schema into your content. Either have an SEO company implement Schema for you, or take the time to learn how to use it properly and start adding it to the most important pages of your website. It's beneficial to implement Schema on any web page that you can, but most business owners focus on building up their Schema on the most important web pages first and then branch out to other pages later on. It's a good step to add to your content marketing process and should be something that you look for as well as short-tail keywords when you hire an SEO company.

    Why AMP is Useful

    AMP or accelerated mobile pages is a standard that Google is firmly pushing and clearly valuing. It's a standard that you can implement on your own website to make sure that your pages load as quickly as possible for mobile users. With more than half of all web searches being conducted on mobile devices today, it makes sense that it's so important to make sure that search results are loading quickly for all these users. That's why your SEO content should all be adjusted to meet the AMP standards. Making this change will greatly benefit your SEO strategy because Google will mark your pages letting everyone know that they are quicker and more efficient for mobile users. It's a good bet that Google will push this content up to the top of web rankings which is why it should be a main part of your content marketing process. If you have someone standardize all your content, you'll enjoy faster rank ups and more success online overall. It's likely that your site will improve in the search engines even before you apply any other SEO techniques with AMP standardization in place, and that means that you'll have a better foundation to build upon.

    If you are handling SEO content creation yourself and not paying an SEO company to help you out with ranking your site, make sure that you're implementing AMP standardization. If you are hiring an SEO company it's worth taking the time to ensure that the provider you use understands and values AMP and that it's something they're implementing themselves.

    By taking the time to implement both AMP and Schema markup into your content you'll keep it modern, you'll gain favor with Google and you'll be much more likely to rank up for different search results that you might have struggled to rank for before. You will likely rank for more short-tail keywords than before which will lead to a great deal more search volume and success online.

    Develop The Right Type Of Content

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    Learn how to develop the right type of content because the content is all that matters in SEO

    Finally, you need to really take the time to learn how to create the right content when it comes to your SEO strategy. The content that you have on your website is more important than any other change that you can put in place. Google and other search engines rely on that content to decide if your website is worth ranking in search or not. If your content marketing process doesn't consider content very closely, it's doomed to fail before you can even see any benefits from all the work.

    Answer Questions and Be Direct

    Good quality web content is important to any SEO strategy and to offer good quality content you need to answer the searcher's questions directly and clearly. Make sure that the writing is very easy to read, that it gets to the point and that it focuses on the information that the searcher is most interested in.

    When developing your SEO content, you should be focusing on the keywords specifically. For instance, if you have content that you're developing for "Pipe repair in Los Angeles" you should get right to the point about how the company offers pipe repair services, what sort of services are available for pipe repair, how to contact the company and any signs to look for that make it clear that you need pipe repair help. It's not an appropriate page to talk about a clogged toilet or septic system health unless those ideas tie back into pipe repair in some way. Visitors respond best to highly focused content that's relevant to what they are searching for. It's up to you to make sure that's what they are getting when they visit you. It should be a key part of your SEO strategy and if you aren't trying to maintain content quality in this way you're more likely to have unhappy website visitors in the future.

    Offer Enough Information

    Another way to ensure that you're providing good quality content is to cover the topic that you're discussing completely. To do this you need to focus your content on a certain topic, but you also need to write long enough articles to offer all the relevant information as well. This takes time to do and it isn't as easy or as cheap as developing quick 300 word articles for your website, but these longer articles will benefit you more in the long-run. Any effective content marketing process takes steps to make sure the content is large enough and that enough information is provided to the searchers overall.

    When hiring writers to cover a topic completely it's best to make sure they are talking about all the different aspects of a topic. This can be done by developing a template for them, key points for them to cover, or just giving them a large word count to work with. If you're hiring an SEO company to handle tasks like gathering all the content that you need for your website, make sure that they understand that content needs to be long enough to be considered high quality. Stop using any provider that only gives you very short articles, because they are less likely to result in positive rankings for you on search engines.

    Add in Keywords

    Both short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords are important for any SEO strategy today. Without keywords you won't be nearly as likely to rank well in search engines. Any rankings that you do get will come from random keywords that happen to end up in your content naturally. It's much more effective to pick out high quality keywords that you can rank for and to add them into your website content intentionally. Doing this ensures that you rank for more powerful keywords and that you get as many high quality visitors to your website as you possibly can for each bit of web content that you have developed. That's exactly why keyword research should be a major part of your content marketing process.

    Keyword research is so important to proper and effective SEO, that it's worth hiring a company that specializes in just that. Make sure that you are getting good solid keywords that you can rank for and that will build up your brand over time. SEO content without good keywords is wasted and will result in a much smaller impact than you're hoping for. Invest in good research initially and get the most from each bit of content that you pay for.

    Create Unique Content Every Time

    Another highly important part of any content marketing process that you need to stress in your SEO strategy is unique content. Every bit of content that you put on your website that you want to rank for in search needs to be mostly unique. Search engines look to see if content is unique or not, and if they detect duplicate content they will either de-rank the page or block it from ranking at all. It's a horrible thing for your website to have duplicate content, so take the time to ensure that everything you are putting on your website is unique. When hiring a company to handle your content marketing process for you, make sure they are using some sort of tool like Copyscape to verify their content so you know you're going to have good results with it.

    If you're handling all content creation in-house, make sure that you're investing in a good quality writing team that's making content that's unique and created to a high standard that you can count on.



    Stop investing in low quality services from an unproven SEO company and start going with high quality providers that can show evidence that they are getting the kind of results that you are interested in. At Cloud LGS we understand what it takes to rank high in search today. We have the team and techniques in place to make this goal a reality and we get how to grow new or existing company websites to a successful level that results in real profit boosts over time. We can help you overcome your ranking issues, or just map out your ranking strategy for you from start to finish so you don't have to worry about doing so yourself.

    SEO is one of the most powerful tools for growing a business today. Make sure you're investing in a provider that's going to make a real difference for you. Stop paying for low quality services that are wasting your time and money, and get a content marketing process that's going to grow your business in real measurable ways. Invest in quality SEO content today and see the difference it will make for you.

    What Works In SEO In 2018

    What Works In SEO In 2020

    SEO techniques are always changing and what works for you in 2017 might be ineffective now. That's why you need to keep yourself updated with the latest SEO techniques. In this article, we'll discuss the top SEO techniques that will help you improve your rankings and increase your visitors this 2020.

    Focusing On Keywords Is Outdated

    Why Purely Focusing On Keywords Is Outdated

    Google keeps on changing, as well as its algorithm. Now, its goal is to grasp the users' intention. It tries to understand what users look for, expect, and more particularly, what search results would best address their inquiry. The best answer will be shown at the top of the search results.

    In 2020, keyword-focused content is already outdated. Search engines, like Google, are adamant about offering the most relevant results to users. Simply put, the algorithm of Google is more developed than computing the number of keywords that match every page and evaluating keyword density.

    The compulsive digital Panda was the first update that warns the industry about Google's intolerance to keyword stuffing. Since 2011, various updates have been made to direct the industry away from keyword stuffing and start making user-centric content.

    Google RankBrain is one of the most significant ranking elements for Google. It helps Google comprehend the real intent of a specific search term. Together with other ranking factors (Hummingbird, Semantic Search, and Latent Semantic Indexing), they have guided the industry to focus more on satisfying the user needs rather on target keywords.

    If you want your website to land the first page of the search result, start focusing on queries. In other words, consider what your customers are searching for. Here are two specific things you should think about:

    Determine Your Target Audience

    Your audience should be the basis on what type of content you'll make. Your SEO and content will be great if you know your audience better, like their age, location, and preferences.

    Let's say your keyword tool shows that "pie" has a high search volume. People searching for this keyword could fall in any of these categories:

    • Math students looking for the value of Pi
    • Movie junkies looking for a DVD copy of the film, The Life Of Pi
    • Pie lovers looking for a nearby restaurant

    With no proper knowledge of your target audience, chances are, you'll write irrelevant topics that don't matter to your readers. This will affect your search engine rankings badly. So before you start making content that truly matters, know the persona of your buyers.

    Arrange Content Into Various Themes

    Instead of using standalone keywords, try arranging your content into various themes. This will help target each type of your readers effectively. Content themes should be generated from your readers' biggest needs.

    Let's say you have a website about digital marketing. The two most relevant themes you can draw from your readers might be website design and content development. Topics that would branch from content development could include writing tricks, content effect on SEO, and etc. For website design, the topics can be website project development, web design trends, and so on.

    Should We Completely Ignore Keywords?

    So Should We Completely Ignore Keywords?

    Not at all. It's wrong to fully ignore keywords. The advice above is valid but the only issue is that it isn't easy. When making a user-centric content, the keywords are more than likely to happen naturally.

    If you don't want your content to be incomprehensible by Google, learn how to balance it out a bit. Even if Google is a smart algorithm, it's still a machine after all. The problem with a complex content is its negative effect on your capacity to lure the proper traffic to your website.

    This balancing trick is very tedious to accomplish. You need the experience and time to experiment and analyze. You need to add the right amount of keywords while making a content that's easy to understand by Google.

    Here are examples of how this more cryptic content impact user experience.


    It's true, attractive titles and descriptions can help you achieve a higher organic Click-Through-Rate (CTR). However, it's also good to have keywords highlighted in your metadata in search engine result pages. When people search a specific term on the search engine, they want to see the term duplicated in the result page.

    Delivery Of Message

    Like how you want to Google's life easy, you want to give the message as fast as possible to your user. If your website fails to show relevant content, the users might leave it for another. This can vary between industries and may depend on your page layout.

    Keywords shouldn't be completely ignored because they're still significant for signaling topics and providing hints to your website's content. Still, the keyword feature of SEO is becoming hard with Google Adwords concealing volume data.

    Fortunately, there are a lot of tools that can aid you in finding volume data and topics. Google itself is a great tool for getting related search topics. In the search bar, simply type "French restaurants in New York City" and you'll be shown with a variety of results.

    Here are three tools that can help you search and optimize keywords:


    SEMRush is a great SEO analytic tool for business intelligence. It enables you to determine and analyze the keywords used by your competitors. In the search bar, simply type the URL of your competitor and you'll be shown with a list of keywords, rankings, and traffic.

    Keyword Explorer by Moz

    Keyword Explorer by Moz is a flexible program that includes almost all the features of the keyword process. Several things you can do with this program include analyzing metrics, building lists by topic, and brainstorm keywords.


    Ahref provides several products which include content explorers and backlink checkers. Its Keyword Explorer is very expansive and can allow you to search almost 3 trillion keywords. It can also help you evaluate metrics and CTRs.

    Google RankBrain

    Take Your Game To A Whole New Level With RankBrain

    Google's search engine algorithm is constantly changing. Now, they're using machine learning, an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that are able to enhance and teach itself new things. It's an advanced way to answer search results.

    RankBrain is the machine-learning AI program developed and used by Google. According to Google, RankBrain is one of the three most significant signal that plays a part in the result of a search query. Its ranking is different from Google because it creates its own algorithm and doesn't look at multiple predefined factors.

    Can we say RankBrain is a definite ranking signal? Not definitely because it's different from conventional ranking signals.RankBrain processes search queries by offering the best match results that are even unknown to Google. In other words, it locates pages that even doesn't have the exact keywords that we searched for.

    There are about 15% new queries Google handles each day. It's really bewildering why there can be so much unknown queries we don't know about. Well, think of it this way. There can be a thousand ways to ask one easy question when we talk about something.

    The rate of new queries will likely increase as we resort more to voice search. In the beginning, RankBrain only existed in a small rate of Google queries. However, as time progresses, so is its influence on Google. Now, it's almost involved on all of Google's queries.

    How does it work? First, Google identifies the training data that consists the best and most famous websites and search results. RankBrain then creates its own algorithms to evaluate these websites. Truthfully, the software engineers of Google don't know how this algorithm is created.

    Instead of piding the website into a variety of factors, RankBrain looks at it as a whole. It checks the entire website using an algorithm and rates it. The rank of your website will be based on the rating. Simply put, RankBrain keeps getting better in rating helpful websites and collating the search results.

    Here are some factors that RankBrain will check on your page:

    • Variation and quality of your content
    • Attitude of a user
    • Relevant backlinks
    • Your business level of positivity in news
    • User engagement

    To score in the future, you should focus more on quality than on quantity. Make sure that you help your visitors and inspire them. Keep your visitors interested and give your visitors something they can work with.

    With the recent progress delivered by RankBrain, you'll have to focus more on value creation rather than on hard SEO. Of course, your website's structure will stay a significant feature but if you're using a great website system, then it won't be a problem.

    Rank Brain Affect Your Search Engine Results?

    Does RankBrain Really Affect Your Results In Search Engine? What To Do…

    Yes, RankBrain impacts your results in search engines. Before, it was used for only 15% of search queries, but now it has grown exponentially that it's being used all the time. It's largely effective because it's now the third most useful signal in ranking search results.

    Google is using RankBrain to process each query and it's changing the rankings for quite a lot of queries. This machine learning might impact what results actually show and in what order, but not all time.

    So, let's say RankBrain sees a search for "best restaurants in New York City." It might presume that this is the same to another search that's more famous, such as "best NY city restaurants." If so, then the first search might be translated into the second one privately because of a more famous search and that Google has a lot of user data.

    In the example above, RankBrain changes the ranking of the search results. Not because it utilized some special ranking element to impact which listing showed in what order but it did just because it prompted a different search.

    Now that RankBrain is growing fast, there's not much you can do but focus on good content. Even the software engineers at Google don't know how RankBrain exactly how it works. Here are some things you can do to prepare:

    Connect Ideas On Your Content

    Nothing beats a good content. Make sure that your content offers the best, most complete answers to satisfy a query. RankBrain is an AI but it still requires input from your website.

    One of the objectives of SEO is to help search engines comprehend your content better. It's important that you incorporate the keywords that are significant and relevant to your business pages. This includes connecting ideas through keyword stemming.

    Try adding some prefix, suffix, or synonyms to the word. For instance, when you took the word "measure", the additional keywords can be "measures", "measuring", and "calculate". 

    Another example could be the word "android". You could mention this word 10 times on your content, but if you miss using the word, "mobile phone", then the search engine may not understand the topic of your page. Is it a robot, a title of a song, or something else?

    The best way to help search engines create better connections about the topic of your content is to implement structured data markup. Refine the content and try applying a factor of user/data collaboration into the creation of your content. This will help optimize any RankBrain interaction with your page.

    Optimizing For Voice Search

    When creating content, consider how humans will naturally talk about the content - more particularly how people would search for it utilizing voice commands. Keep in mind that RankBrain will show the best results for a search that has a restricted current data and unclear user queries. This is where voice search comes into play.

    People aren't well adept at using voice search, which results to more complicated interpretative prerequisites for search engines. You can target your users and match voice query into your content by demonstrating to whom your content is made for.

    Also, don't forget to be mobile friendly. Many users are using mobile devices to search the internet. Make sure that your content is implemented with mobile SEO. Consider what long search phrases are used in mobile voice search.

    Now It's Time To Decide Which SEO Plan Works For You In 2020: Cloud LGS SEO Plans List With Pricing

    Cloud LGS offer three SEO plans. Here are the details.

    Silver Plan

    The Silver plan offers six keywords for optimization. It will also include several SEO features, such as:

    Initial Review & Analysis Report: An initial review of your website will be performed to learn its present status. Competitor and industry analyses will also be performed.

    Keyword Research: Cloud LGS will do keyword research and recommend keywords that will drive more traffic to your website.

    Work Status And Monthly Reports: Quick updates on off-page SEO strategies and monthly SEO status reports will be provided.

    On-Page Optimization: To rank on search engines, on-page optimization will be performed. Several SEO strategies include header tags optimization, meta tags optimization, and XML sitemap check.

    Off-Page Optimization: To make your website more visible online, off-page optimization is needed. Quality backlinks are also needed to enhance search engine rankings. Under the starter plan, five directory submissions and five social bookmarking will be performed each month.

    Gold Plan

    The Gold plan offers 10 keywords for optimization. On top of the SEO features offered by the Silver plan, the Gold plan offers these other SEO techniques:

    Detailed Keyword Analysis: Cloud LGS will perform a detailed keyword analysis to determine the best keywords for search.

    On-Page Optimization: This plan will offer image optimization, canonical fixing, W3c validations check, and search engine indexing check. Images and HTML will be properly formatted to enhance website performance.

    Off-Page Optimization: Each month, Cloud LGS will make ten directory submissions and 10 social bookmarking.

    Platinum Plan

    The Platinum plan provides 14 SEO keywords for optimization. It has the same SEO features with the Gold Plan plan. Its on-page SEO strategies include broken link detection, page speed optimization, competitor link analysis, and Google Analytics installation. For its off-page SEO tactics, it offers 15 local directory submissions and 15 social bookmarking per month, as well as, free classified posting and local search engine submissions.

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