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Do you want to garner more real estate leads with Facebook ads? If so, then you've come to the right article. In here, I'll list ten proven strategies you can apply to your real estate Facebook ad campaigns.

Before we get into the content, you should realize that Facebook marketing for real estate relies on paid ad strategies. Your organic posts will eventually get lost without ads. This is where Facebook ads can help you open a whole world of opportunities for marketing real estate.

Lucky for you, we've tested all these strategies so you won't have a hard time implementing them. Below are proven strategies that produce results. But first, let's discuss the Facebook ad's determinants of success and benefits.

Real Estate Ads on Facebook

3 Determining Factors of Success for Real Estate Ads on Facebook


This is perhaps the most significant factor in determining the success of your Facebook ad campaign. Present your ads to the right audience and you'll garner results that deliver leads. If you show it to the wrong audience, your marketing efforts are futile because they won't be interested in whatever you offer.

Campaign Objectives

Facebook has a lot of campaign objectives including brand awareness, conversions, and engagement. Many real estate professionals make the mistake of starting with a Boost Post. A lot of the money you spend on that ad will only be wasted.

The Ad Itself

Another determinant of success is your ad itself. What type of ad you plan to make, whether it's a video ad or carousel ad, will affect the message you want to communicate with your target audience. Also, contemplate what images and content you want to put in your ad.

The good thing is, a lot of realtors aren't yet using these Facebook ad tactics. This means doing them right now will give you a more competitive advantage over your competitors.

Facebook Ads management

Why Use Facebook Ads?

No other advertising platform can rival Facebook in offering supreme rich, diverse, and in-depth ad targeting options. This means more reach to your target market. This can't be accomplished with any other channels of marketing.

Facebook reach people based on these three broad areas:

Interests: reach individuals by knowing what they're interested in and what pages and topics they have liked

Demographics: statistical data relating to people's income, age, and more

Behaviors: what people bought in the past or intend to buy

All the targets above can be further divided according to where they live. They're further divided by city, state, or zip code.

But hows does targeting works? How laser focused should your Facebook ad be? How can your Facebook ad benefit you and your lead generation goals? We'll answer them all for you.

Without waiting any longer, here are the proven 10 Facebook ad strategies that you can implement in marketing real estate.

Facebook Ad Campaign

Planning Your Facebook Ad Campaign

The first thing to do in making a Facebook ad campaign is to plan. A well-planned ad will bring more success, hence more leads to you. Honestly, advertisers plan very little, but you'll be more successful if you plan for the properties, cost, and time.

Lead Ads

Lead Ads are a great strategy to seize buyer or seller leads on the Facebook platform. The good thing is, you don't need to send the traffic away from Facebook.

Here are the benefits of using Lead Ads.

Since you're getting the lead on Facebook, you don't need a landing page.

It's also easier for your consumers to submit their data to you as the platform will pre-fill the form fields. This is specifically significant for mobile device users that would have a difficulty in filling out your website form.

There are a lot of options in downloading the leads such as directly from Facebook or sending directly to a Google sheet.

Can be established to funnel the buyer and seller leads straight into your customer relationship management (CRM) or email marketing systems.

When you make a Lead ad, a form will be opened when a person clicks on it. The form will seize all the essential data you need. You can make a lot of different fields to get more information.

For example, you could ask for a user's complete name, contact number, and home address. The leads collected will then instantly be available to you. You can download them straight out of Facebook or filtered into your CRM.

Utilize Free Home Evaluation Ads

Running home evaluation leads is a great real estate ad campaign to stock your pipeline with new potential buyers. To create seller listing leads, run an ad with free home valuations for the area where the ad targets. Indisputably, you can raise the interest of people by letting them know the values of other homes in the neighborhood.

Target Potential Buyers/Sellers

Target Potential Buyers/Sellers

Facebook has a particular behavioral category for users that are "likely to move" or potential buyers/sellers. People under this behavioral category are more likely to need a real estate agent, among other things. Facebook knows who these customers are from its abundant data sets and third-party partners that gather data about these same customers.

What is laser targeted Facebook segmentation?

Let's say you're a real estate agent in Maricopa County and you specialize in the areas of Mesa, Glendale, and Tempe. If we pull zip codes in those places on Facebook, we find 75,000 potential customers on Facebook. However, when we factor in the "likely to move" behavior, we reduce the target audience to 5,000 individuals.

The interesting advantage of Facebook ads is that you can get more specific and focused on your target customers. Be careful not to narrow your target market too much or you'll end with a very small number.

Target First-Time House Buyers

For a closer buyer lead, target people who are first-time home buyers. It's amazing that Facebook offers this targeting option. If you include this for other targeting options (e.g. geography, age, gender, household income), you'll get a more specific target audience.

Target People who are Actively Browsing for Homes

Another targeting option you can use is people searching on real estate sites, like, Zillow, and Trulia. It's obvious that these people are more likely to be prequalified leads because they won't visit the site if they're not looking for a house. You can layer this with other targets, like behavior, interests, and demographics.

Target Mortgage Brokers

If you want referrals, let the mortgage brokers get aware of your real estate services and sustain a mindshare that you're the best in the area. Some mortgage brokers I know recommend real estate agents to their clients. Job title targeting is a great way to streamline your Facebook ads to increase brand awareness.

Video Ads

A great way to appeal to your prospects is to make a video ad that shows a property, for instance. This will reach your target audience at a very low cost.

The exposure you can get to these ads will be astounding. Imagine 63,000 impressions in the place where your target consumer resides for $0.01 per view. Where else can you get these many views for your ad? 

Yes, Facebook, which is why you're really missing a lot if you're not using this platform yet.

Testimonials from Satisfied Consumers

The best way to build credibility with your target consumers is to make real estate testimonial ads on Facebook. Trust and social proof are crucial factors to improve your long-term lead generation initiatives. 

There are many ways to create your testimonial ads. You can do it with your previous home buyers and sellers through image ads, video ads, and more. You can even direct the ad traffic on your website page that contains the testimonials.

If you do direct people to your website, remarket the Facebook ad up to half a year sustaining mindshare and fostering them along to turn into a customer. If you're doing video ads, remarket to people based on the time they spend to watch your video. Think of the endless possibilities with remarketing.

Traditional Advertising Tactics

Incorporating Traditional Advertising Tactics

This particular strategy is often missed. Traditional marketing tactics (e,g. postcards, flyers, local papers, etc.) are still effective in creating awareness in your target market, especially if you incorporate it with online techniques. While you do these traditional techniques, you can show your Facebook ad to the same people simultaneously.

So your target audience won't only know your business through flyers, but they can also see you on their computer and smartphones through Facebook. This builds more trust and stronger awareness, hence more leads.

This strategy is effective because today's customers need at least 12.4 impressions before buying. Having several impressions across different channels is crucial to improving mindshare and awareness.

Final Thoughts

All the 10 Facebook ad strategies I presented above are great for increasing brand awareness and leads. The targeting options are great in reaching to new prospects. With Facebook, you can be more creative in targeting your potential home buyers and sellers. If you want to generate more leads and achieve a mighty competitive edge over your slow competitors, use Facebook ads.

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