The face of websites has been evolving steadily and are now decked out in minimalist styles and mindful aesthetics. This is a definitely a far cry from the clunky-looking static websites that were common at the start of this millennia. We take a look at some of the design elements that just kept popping up in 2015, evaluate on whether they will continue to exist in 2016 and beyond.

1. The One-page long-scrolls
Taking the cue from mobile phone navigation, one-page scrolling website designs are ever-popular today. Infographics are used widely in this style of navigation. Keeping the website design to a minimal is also important.

2. Hamburger Menus
Hamburger menus are essentially the three lines usually at the top of the website page, which when clicked, will produce the website menu for navigation. Originally a design feature from the Xerox “Star” personal workstations, this ‘container’ for the menu is seen as an easy way for people to navigate without a chunky menu bar. However, recent research has shown that user engagement can decrease with the use of this website design element, and some tech & web design companies are looking for a way to replace it. Still the proliferation of this as well as its functionality on mobile sites means that we will be seeing more of this design element soon.

3. ‘Loading’ animations
Simulating the loading bar or animations that are usually seen on computer operating systems, the ‘loading’ animation adds some novelty to web design platforms. The options are endless with the animations, and it’s not just about a bar loading up anymore. Some websites have included nifty animations (the animated circle is most often used), while others have taken it up a notch and included a game while their website visitors wait for the main site to load.

4. HD Hero Image Galleries
With all the emphasis on minimalist website creation and web designs, visually rich images are usually employed to add an element of interest to what might otherwise be a bland design. Thus, hero images are born. Usually placed on the homepage and in a scrolling or animated banner, the images are decked out in high definition and expanded so as to cover the entire viewing screen.

4. Background video
For an out-of-this world website design experience, the background video takes the cake. This is essentially a video that is set as the background image (or video) of the website. Other website elements are then placed on top of the video, creating a life-like web viewing effect. While this is definitely an intriguing website creation development, this element is very rarely used due to the fact that a long of bandwidth is used to load the video, and a video background is not very suitable for mobile browsing. It is nevertheless a great way to make an impact on a desktop website.
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