Online Business Ideas

Fertile, If Abstract, Land

The internet is modernity’s most fertile land. You can exploit it strategically. There are a number of business ideas which will cost you next-to-nothing, but can bring you substantial profit if properly approached.

For example, consider bitcoin mining—or cryptocurrency mining in general. It works like this: you offer up your computer to increase processing bandwidth in a sort of IoT/edge computing capacity. Basically, your computer processes banners, video advertisements, and the like. Doing as much provides you with a fraction of bitcoin.

You can make two to ten dollars a day that way. It’s not much, but this could be your seed money. Spend $300 on a cheap computer with a decent graphics card, set it up specifically to mine bitcoin, and voila. You’ve got $730 to $3,300 in seed money by the end of the year—you’ve just got to convert it from whichever cryptocurrency you’ve been mining for. That’s more than enough to pay for most website solutions.

When you’ve got enough assets to buy a website, or design one for a recurrent fee on sites like, you need to ensure you design it around products or services that are likely to yield profit. You want there to be demand for that which you provide. And you must be able to provide in excess of current service projections in anticipation of a spike.

Easy To Start Online Business Ideas

Sell Merchandise Through Outsourced Production Facilities

Depending on what you’re selling, you can see success with more or less swiftness. Say, for example, you work as a small-town entertainer who circulates through several states. Perhaps you’ve grown in popularity. Well, a web-based solution could “float” merchandise.

There are services that will manufacture and print items to your specifications. They basically take half to seventy-five percent of the customer’s payment, and you get the rest. This way you can set up an online store without spending a penny, and which can yield returns for you over time.

Next, you’ve got to market. You can write a blog using SEO techniques you’ve researched yourself, you can hire professional services for the task—continuous online marketing makes a lot of sense—or you can use some combination of both strategies for the greatest effect.

Whatever you do, you need to have a recognizable brand, a recognizable slogan, and a recognizable logo. You want something that is immediately evocative, simple, pleasant, and recognizable. Consider modern branding trends as you go about designing these things. Your logo/slogan combination will define your brand archetypally. That is to say: it will act as a sort of condensed representation of what you do.

Practical Considerations

You want to have a website that is easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye, and non-obtrusive. Your blog should be immediately available, as should your contact information, your products, your services, reviews, case-studies, and whatever other materials define what you’ve chosen to do online.

Something else you consider is live chat software—read this; to summarize, the site says: “You know how, in normal business transactions, you speak to your customers? Either face-to-face or over the phone? Well, now you can use live chat software that enables you to converse with your customers in a written/digital format.”

Wrapping It All Up

Wrapping It All Up

So to summarize, you can start an online business store without any loss provided you’re clever enough securing capital. You can additionally launch an online store without spending anything. With SEO—and social media, which wasn’t mentioned earlier—you can reach a large market essentially for free, or you can use professionals to see even better returns on your investment.

Lastly, you want the way in which potential clients perceive your online business to be positive; so design the site right, and provide communication solutions like live chat protocols. These can really help virtually any online business venture thrive.

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