Are you ready to take the plunge and start your own business? Are you tired of slaving away in an office job, not earning what you're really worth?

You're in the right place.

It's 100% possible to escape the daily grind, start doing work you actually enjoy, and finally earn what you deserve by starting your very own digital marketing business.

Not sure that it's for you?

I'm sharing 50 reasons to start your digital marketing business right now -- keep reading to get inspired.

1. Digital marketing is growing all the time -- companies spend an average of $75,000 a year on digital marketing.

2. You'll get to use your creativity. Say goodbye to being bored at work.

3. You can become an expert using online resources. Don't worry if you don't have much experience -- it's 100% possible to learn digital marketing online.

4. You'll have more free time. Spend it with family and friends, or take up a new hobby.

5. It's easy to create your first website.

6. You'll make more money. It'll take time to get going, but you'll soon be earning more than you would at your regular job.

7. There's no risk of being laid off or fired.

8. Your business will create jobs. As a bonus, you get to hire people you actually like.

9. You can outsource tasks like SEO and content marketing.

10. You'll be learning all the time. Focusing on your skills means you're increasing your personal worth.

SEO & Content Marketing

11. You'll have a better work/life balance. You get to choose how many hours you work, how many days off you take, and how many vacations you plan.

12. You'll connect with interesting clients. One day you might be working on a dental blog, the next on a dog grooming website.

13. You can help promote brands you truly believe in. No more working for companies you hate.

14. Working from home is an option. Say hello to pajama days.

15. You can earn commission by recommending services to your clients.

16. You won't have to take on jobs you don't want. It's easy to drop problem clients, too.

17. You can attend digital marketing classes. They're a great way to upskill and network.

18. Getting a digital marketing mentor can be valuable. Learn from someone who's been in your shoes.

19. Becoming a digital marketing mentor lets you help others. Sharing your knowledge feels good.

20. You'll inspire others to start their own businesses. Don't forget to give them some marketing tips.

Digital Marketing Strategies

21. You can take advantage of coworking spaces to connect with other entrepreneurs. You'll also avoid expensive office costs.

22. You could discover new marketing strategies. Imagine becoming the authority on an up-and-coming topic.

23. Become an expert in specific types of digital marketing, like PPC marketing.

24. Become an expert in marketing for a certain type of business. Love cake? You could be a marketer for bakeries.

25. Offering SEO and content marketing service lets you utilize your writing skills.

26. You could work with companies around the world. You'll learn loads about other cultures.

27. Online communication means you don't have to travel - unless you want to!

28. There's plenty of money to be made. The US digital marketing spend will near $120 billion by 2021.

29. You'll learn how to brand yourself successfully. Your marketing skills will win you tons of leads.

30. You can start small and grow your agency slowly. Sustainable growth is key here.

New Marketing Strategies

31. Hiring freelancers online can help you to manage the workload. Don't stress about taking on more than you can do alone.

32. You'll learn all about web design and development.

33. No two days at work will be the same. You'll definitely never get tired of this industry.

34. You'll get to test out all the latest marketing technology. Who doesn't love playing with fancy new products?

35. You can create streamlined processes. No more slow, painful strategies slowing you down.

36. Lots of businesses need marketing help -- 49% are doing digital marketing with no strategy.

37. You'll get to hone your interpersonal skills. Starting an agency will turn you into an excellent communicator.

38. You can help local businesses get the exposure they need online. In return, you'll become popular in the local community.

39. Businesses will be genuinely grateful for your help.

40. There's no chance the need for digital marketing will end. This industry is definitely here to stay.

Digital Marketing Technologies

41. You'll stay up to date with search engine algorithm changes. Get geeky and become an SEO pro.

42. You can use your marketing skills to promote your own website. You'll soon be seeing thousands of hits.

43. Once the business becomes successful, you could sell it and start another. Starting your entrepreneurial career with a digital agency is a smart move.

44. You'll get to build your own unique company culture. There's nothing better than starting a new team from scratch.

45. You could become recognized as an industry expert. You'll get paid to guest blog and speak at events.

46. You can generate valuable leads with social media marketing.

47. You'll have complete control over the business. Don't like something? You get to change it.

48. You'll get to experiment with new promotional strategies, like video marketing.

49. You could work with other awesome agencies. Make the right connections and you could form profitable long-term partnerships.

50. You get to take pride in what you've created.

Ready to take a leap of faith and set up your own digital marketing company? Start by creating your website today.
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