Building a business today is all about creating a powerful web presence for your company. That’s because most people rely on a computer or smartphone for research before making a purchase. In other words, if your website isn’t showing up in search, and being found through social media, you’re being left out of the running when it comes to purchase decisions most customers are making today. That’s why it’s so important to understand SEO content marketing, and the value of building up a real presence on the internet.

What the Heck is SEO Content Marketing?
The short and simple of SEO content marketing, is that it’s creating some form of content (eg. articles, blog posts, infographics, white papers, case studies, videos, podcasts) that’s focused around a particular search term or keyword. The content is designed to answer a specific questions that searchers are asking and it’s all based around one, or several specific keywords.

SEO content marketing is a powerful tool that most successful businesses with an online presence are leveraging today, but there are far too many businesses out there that aren’t focusing on the tool at all. According to the BrightEdge study focusing on Fortune 500 marketers, 71% of marketers today say that less than half their content is being consumed at all. That means half the content marketing efforts put in place are virtually useless, and that mostly comes down to SEO or search engine optimization. That’s why it’s so important to merge SEO and content marketing together, and to treat them as one in the same. 

What is SEO?
What is SEO?
SEO is search engine optimization. It means creating a website to meet the needs of people using a search engine. In terms of content marketing, it means putting keywords into the body and title of articles, blog posts and videos. These keywords could be anything from “How do I change a lightbulb?” to “Top Reno Dentists”. No matter what the term is, it should be clear what the person is looking for at the other side of the search engine. As a business owner, it should be your goal to find people interested in your services based on the keywords they input into Google and other search engines, and it should be your goal to answer their questions, present your business as valuable and connect with potential customers to generate more sales for your company. That’s what SEO is all about. 

Why is it Valuable?
SEO content marketing is one of the most valuable tools that marketers have at their disposal today, because it’s a long-term marketing strategy that can bring in a steady stream of new customers over time. If implemented properly, good content marketing can draw in hundreds or thousands of new visitors to your company website each month. When done really well, those visitors will be searching for a service that you offer, and they’ll be ready to make a purchase or connect with your business in some way. That’s why so many marketers are hard at work trying to perfect their SEO content marketing strategies, and it’s why many top companies today are hiring companies to help them with their content generation, keyword research and other valuable parts of the content marketing cycle.

Not only is SEO content marketing effective for building up a brand and a regular customer base, it’s also highly affordable compared to other forms of marketing used today. For a fraction of your current marketing budget you could get a solid SEO content marketing strategy going that will bring in rewards and benefits for years to come, and that’s the real reason to get into this form of marketing as soon as possible. 

Content Marketing
How To Implement it the Right Way
Just knowing the value of SEO content marketing isn’t enough to be successful as a business or even to build up a strong online presence. Just as knowing that writing a riveting plot line is vital to creating a best-selling novel won’t make you into a best selling novel instantly, knowing that SEO content marketing is important won’t make you an excellent marketer. It just makes you aware. Knowing is the first step towards success with any business that’s going to connect with customers over the internet, and that should be every business today, but there’s more work that must be done once you know. It’s time to actually implement a content marketing strategy that’s going to generate real-world success for your business.

Research Keywords and Trends First
Every company is different, but most fall into a niche that already has quite a few other companies present. Use research tools to locate top keywords, successful marketing strategies and the most successful content types in use within your sector. This information is important because it’s a road map to your company’s future content development. 

Consider hiring an expert research team or company to look into valuable keywords for your business, common trends within your market and to find out what sort of content is going to have the biggest impact on your success. Compile all this research into detailed reports, and then work hard to put it into place in a way that’s going to work for your company. Use that information as a guide for your content development in the future, and you’re guaranteed to be more successful than if you went at content generation blindly.

Instantly Connect with Visitors with the Right Headline
Now that your company knows what keywords to use, and the type of content that’s going to be most effective, it’s time to actually start developing that content. Start things off with an excellent headline. The headline should grab attention, but more than that it should explain exactly what questions the content is going to answer. Make it clear why the content is valuable, and create a real promise with the headline that can be interested in.

With the headline in place, create the rest of the content around it. Keep in mind the promise of the headline, and work to deliver on that promise. The content has to do more than just answer the visitor’s questions though. It needs to answer the questions clearly, and it needs to answer the questions in a neat outlined paragraphs that are carefully organized for readability.

On top of all that, the content also needs to incorporate important SEO keywords that will bring the readers to your page in the first place. Strategically work them into the content, add them to headlines, infuse them into outbound links, and work the words into some of the text for your images as well if you can do so naturally. With your carefully curated keywords in all the right places, you’ll have an easier time ranking that page in the search engines so that your content actually gets viewed, and hopefully creates some brand supporters for your business. 

content special
How to Maximize Your Content’s Potential
Congratulations on getting top quality content up on your website! That’s a very important first step toward building a successful online brand, but it’s not enough to be one of the elites. Sure, you could stop here and have real success online, but you would be doing your business a huge disservice! The next step is optimizing and maximizing your content so that it works even harder for you. To do this you must review your content’s performance and learn from your successes and your failures. 

After reviewing your library of content after a few months of performance you’ll notice that some pieces of content are doing exceptionally well, and others aren’t doing much at all. Take note of all the successes as well as the failures and try to gather information from that. 

If your infographics are receiving the most traffic, chances are good that you should be focusing on generating more infographics as soon as possible. If long-form articles are bringing in the most paying customers, it’s only natural to use the same style article more often. When reviewing your content library, pay attention to things like the age of the content, the length of it, the type of content put up there and of course the keywords used. Use all this information to decide what your next move should be, 

By reviewing your content and determining what is working and what isn’t, it’s simple to form your business’s future content strategy and to transform it into a more successful company over time. 

Think of the original content as an experiment of sorts. Sure it probably worked pretty well for you, but it’s just the prototype of your company’s SEO content marketing strategy. You need to use that prototype to figure out what needs improving upon. You’re beta testing your business marketing model, and you need to refine that model over time to be as efficient as possible. Follow through with your testing and each new phase of your marketing will be more successful and exciting than the last. Just make sure to keep tracking your success and refining your process over time. That’s the best way to generate real success with online SEO content marketing.

Considering Trends for Improved Future Success
Implementing SEO content marketing, and then refining your approach is nearly guaranteed to help bring in more visitors and increase your companies success with time, but it’s not all that you can do with content marketing to ensure success in the future. Search engines and technology are constantly changing, and there are trends that marketers should be following along with for future success.

Mobile Search
Mobile Search
More than half of all searches today are conducted using a mobile device. It goes without saying that all your content should be mobile friendly. That doesn’t just mean that it should be viewable on a mobile device either. Each page should get to the main point quickly, offer scannable information that’s going to be easy to read through on a small screen, and it should incorporate things like videos and infographics whenever possible to create a more pleasant viewing experience for the mobile user.

Go Hyper Local
This sort of goes along with mobile users, but it’s valuable to target hyper local keywords and search phrases as well. As a local business, it makes sense to try and draw in searchers from the community more than anywhere else. The best way to do that is to focus in on keywords that relate to your community specifically. If you’re a dentist in Arizona, Arizona dentist’s office, Arizona dentistry, best Arizona dentist and top Phoenix Dentist would all be better keywords to rank for than generic dentistry terms like best Dentists, or 2018 dentist services. Try to go with specific search terms that are still being searched for, and you’re more likely to have success attracting visitors that could be local paying customers. Of course, this doesn’t matter as much if you have a web-based business that sells all over the country, but it’s certainly something that location-focused companies need to be thinking about. 

Consider Voice Search
Generate content that offers quick and helpful answers around important questions. A dentist would benefit by giving out teeth cleaning advise and a roofer could offer guidance on routine maintenance and repair. Just remember to keep content to the point and focused around the question being asked in the keyword you’re targeting.
SEO content marketing isn’t the only way to build up a successful web presence, but it’s one of the most underutilized tools out there, and also one of the most powerful. If you’re in charge of the marketing at your company, one of the best things you can do for future success is to focus in on content marketing strategies and to figure out how to bring them more in-line with current SEO trends and standards. Content marketing is cost-effective, it’s highly useful and it’s a long-term strategy with a long-lasting impact. It’s the best way to spend your marketing dollars overall, so what are you waiting for? Give SEO content marketing a try and see what it can do for your business this year. 
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