Pay-per-click is a type of search engine marketing strategy that works on the affiliate model. Purchase opportunities are provided whenever the possible customers are surfing. The affiliated partners (search engines) receive financial incentives. This model of advertising is used to divert traffic to the websites, and the advertisers in this model are simply paying to get their advertisement clicked rather than earning those clicks organically.

Using a well-planned pay-per-click advertisement promotion could be very beneficial for your business because it will generate sales in such volumes upfront that the fee payable to the search engine would be trivial. PPC is good for everyone that participates in this marketing procedure. It is good for searchers, as one doesn’t mind an advertisement depicting his needs. For producers, it is an efficient form of marketing in which they can easily identify their customer base because searchers specify their intent while giving search inputs. All an efficient advertiser has to do is to identify key phrases that a customer can relate with his product. This method is also very useful for search engines, as it provides them with the unique opportunity of catering the needs of their user base in efficient manner while simultaneously earning revenue.

PPC helps widen your market and grow your customer base without straining your budget. It works for almost all types of businesses and caters to various needs like increasing foot traffic, building brand awareness or promoting a product.

But the efficiency and effectiveness of a PPC largely depends on the way in which you carry out your advertisement campaign. Poorly planned pay-per-click advertisement campaigns can be disastrous for your business and can prove to be a financial blunder. We will see common mistakes committed by businessmen’s during these campaigns.

1. Getting in bidding games. Although top position or position in the first page is desirable and its importance can’t be neglected, stressing too much on that is plain silly. Instead, you could have used that money on other factors like broadening your key phrases. There are several other factors other than top position which are very crucial for your campaigns, conversion rate being one of them.

2. Not identifying the right audience. It is very crucial for any advertisement campaign if the audience trafficked to your website isn’t the one that is interested in buying your product. That wastes your money. Many factors like age, sex and location can be used to narrow down the audience and identify the target audience.

3. Misleading landing pages. Your landing page should depict the knowledge, product or offer that originally lead the possible customer there through advertisement. Research shows that if the landing page misleads, then the searcher most likely bounces off instantly.

4. Not realizing the importance of advertisement test. Google suggests and provides advertisers with various advertisement testers which help in determining the efficacy of the advertisement. It includes many factors and dimensions in judging an advertisement rather than just clicks.

5. Not utilizing the various campaign alternatives because of inadequate knowledge about their customer base. Consider a campaign that can advertise its product more efficiently through graphic advertisement rather than textual advertisement but fails to do so because they simply are unaware about the opportunities.

6. Not identifying the right key phrases. This is very crucial because even a slight miscalculation can result in failure of campaign. If your key phrases are too broad then they will attract audience that basically isn’t interested in your product and will not give you conversions.

7. Not identifying and getting rid of frauds. Every search engine distributes your ads to various networks but many of them are frauds and don’t refer back quality traffic. Identifying such networks and negative key phrases is very essential for you as they are just a waste of resources.

8. Not being able to track every click is ineffective advertisement practice. You should be able to track every click so you can decide the efficacy of your ad and the real conversion rates and that will help you in increasing your efficiency.

PPC in the hand of an efficient advertiser who has adequate knowledge can prove to be a very powerful tool to boost up your business.
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