What is content marketing and SEO?
Content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) are both critical leaders in today's massive world of marketing. Amazingly, they're not nearly brought up in the same conversation often enough.

Throughout this blog post, I will tackle some of the need-to-know items that will should help guide you through both content marketing & SEO marketing.

Definition of Content Marketing:
Content marketing is the creative technique used in creating and distributing extremely relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a defined audience also known as your niche marketplace with the objective of driving profitable customer action, Often the content created and promoted can either be for entertainment or educational to the reader.

A company to consider for their great job with entertaining content marketing is GoPro; they are a durable & compact camera company that took off in the action sports niche. A great example is how they sponsor athletes and give them free cameras to shoot and post content of their own that ultimately creates pure entertainment for its consumers as well as amazing content marketing for GoPro. 

For the average business, the content that is published should be relevant to the businesses target consumer relating back to the hardships and successes that they may come across along their journey. 

What is SEO?

- Definition of SEO 
SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of the obtaining traffic from organic (free) search engine results to increase your online presence.

While the definition above works in most instances, all too often we see small business SEOs concerned only with ranking for the big and obvious highly related terms. This very important, but because everyone wants to rank SEO for the big obvious terms, this can be ultra-competitive, both in the paid results and within the organic placements.

Where content marketing and SEO can get very interesting is when you can begin to place your products and services in front of people before they need them or begin to compare your offerings with other competitors. That is SEO and content marketing's main goal. Creating a contact with a potential customer can give you a chance to demonstrate your credibility and target the lead generation earlier in your potential customer's adventure. This type of cooperative thought-influenced content is also one of the more simplistic types to boost, therefore it can help you build links that can naturally increase your rankings on those craved commercial terms.

Content marketing & SEO
Marketing is all about being placed in the perfect place at the right point in time. In 2018, when you have a question what do you do? Well, let me guess you'd ask Google?

Often we find that many content marketing efforts strongly rely on email or social media to get your message out there. Of course, these channels are extremely dominant. They rely on the expectation that your email, social post or ad gets in front of a prospective customer at just the perfect time when they are searching for your products or services. Sure, targeting has gotten more advanced, but that doesn’t really contrast to search engine marketing. SEO & content marketing works so well because we can assure that our listings are seen right when people are seeking for your information.

Having your content found by prospective customers on Google is undoubtedly the pot of gold at the edge of the rainbow. It is your content at the perfect place at the right point in time. Content found by prospects online is truly extensible, and when it ultimately comes down to the organic listings thankfully they don't come with a cost per click. Create a habit to be working on your online presence. 

What is a SEO content writer?
Now that we have conquered what SEO & Content Marketing are. You may be asking yourself what is an SEO content writer?

We should first assess some different types of SEO content. Just to name a few there are product pages, blog posts, lists, articles, guides, videos, infographics, slideshows, and many more. 

A good SEO content writer is someone who has an established online presence that has clearly identified what the end goal of the writing is, who their targeted audience is, and created an editorial calendar for the content they will be pushing. 

SEO content writing can be difficult at times. The best way to keep the SEO content writing life simple is to have a definitive plan of action. Do you want to increase traffic and return readers? Are you looking to drive sales to your website? Your goals will determine what types of content you should put the spotlight on.

A good SEO writer will study their successes and repeat them as well as take time for updating and improving older SEO content. Those are both two key items in maintaining a strong SEO rank. 

Here is why you should delegate to a content writer with a strong online presence and what key qualities to look for:

With the Internet becoming a larger part of our lives on a daily basis, and a major focus of marketing, it’s not a miracle that the internet is also a wonderful place to locate and hire your best SEO content writers. 

The most popular question is, of course, how do we find the SEO content writers that do what they claim?

The experienced SEO content writers that actually know how to create web content, blogs, and other Google-friendly copy that will rank highly online and win with your readers?

You should take our advice to hire only ethical, effective, and creative writers – especially since Google now won’t allow any content less than quality standards to rank highly. Also, don't you want to get the best possible value for your money? You want content that is of extreme quality, original, and with a has sufficient amount of SEO involved. You also need content that’s highly engaging and interesting. 

What should you look for when hiring an SEO writer?
Look for an advanced portfolio
Request proof of their online successes
Look for a solid writing technique
Double check their consistency with past/current clients
Are real readers engaging with their content?

What is an SEO article?
How does an SEO article differentiate from a regular article? Often they can be similar, however, an SEO article is used more specifically for ranking on search engines. There are many tricks of the trade that will go into an SEO article that can help increase your chances of obtaining a higher ranking. Advice when it comes to writing SEO articles can be like reading another language. Oftentimes we find that there is a tendency to make SEO writing more complicated than it has to be.

Our advice is to follow the few tips below and not to worry about making your writing too complex. Google is pretty advanced, so the best thing to do is to stay on the path of making your content as relevant as possible to your targeted marketplace.

Research The Proper Keywords
When writing an SEO article, a good place to begin is to begin a keyword analysis search. Find out what phrases and search query people are using on Google and take a note of the number of times the keyword is searched and used on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. This will quickly inform you about how competitive a specific keyword is. Keywords with several hundred or thousands of monthly searches are remarkably competitive. You may find often that you have faced a laborious challenge in order to get your content on page one of these terms. More specific long tail keywords usually searched more infrequently and make the space much less competitive. Longer keywords are also likely to be more specific to your business, and therefore can be more valuable to the readers as well as your website. Make a thorough list of relevant keywords that you want to use for articles, with monthly searches of between 15 and 50 clicks. This is a good place to start ranking on Google.

Use Accurate Keywords
We've noticed that most SEO writers can worry too much about keyword placements. Some writers say that you need to use the keyword a certain amount of times. Others say it should constitute 5% to 7% of the total word count of your article. We suggest using a keyword density checker here at when establishing a strong online presence.

Most importantly you want to ensure your keyword is present in the title of your article, then at some point in the beginning and final parts of your content. In some articles, you may use the keyword 3-6 times, and that's ok. Other articles your keyword may not be mentioned at all. Be organic and don’t be a keyword plugger because Google will pick that up from your writing.

Ensure that your keywords are getting read organically. You want to ensure that the readers that are attracted to your content are staying on the page for the longest period of time possible. FYI it's not going to be the Google bots that will keep your business going. 

Keep Your SEO Content Valuable
This is unbelievably important. The Internet is so full of garbage that you really do have to write something of real value for it to make an impression out on Google.

The Internet is primarily an information communicating platform. When you did your keyword research, you may have noticed that many of your long tail keywords may be questions. These are what your targeted consumer is putting into Google to find your content. Most likely they are on a search for some relevant content that will help out or even a local service.

Your articles give you an opportunity to answer your potential customers' questions in a way that makes their lives simplistic. You are the expert in your own field of business, so use this knowledge to create answers to your customers most asked questions.

If you’re stuck and don't know where to begin, try searching commonly asked questions in your industry. Oftentimes you'll notice about 1/3 of the way down the page you will see a feedback section. Write on those topics. Google will reward you for fulfilling what people are searching for. 

Why is SEO so important?
Boy oh boy, where do we even begin? SEO has all too many uses that are beneficial to business owners & bloggers of all sizes. Below we will give you some quick key points that will have extreme value for your website and customers. 

It works – The techniques in play that improve SEO still work, in fact, some will argue that they are working better now than ever. SEO techniques remain the same when finding organic content on search engines. You will surely be rewarded for correct keyword usage and site functionality for the user experience.

It is not going to just stop working – To our knowledge on the way search engines are evolving, it is not likely that SEO will stop working anytime soon. We believe that SEO will ultimately evolve away from text into more audio or video as we see with common household items alike Alexa, Google Home etc.

Your competitors are doing it too – SEO is an endless journey. If you are not increasing your visibility online, working on ranking higher and higher on a daily basis, and making your brand more searchable online you will be wiped out of the space by your competitors. Don't let them run you out of business when you can correct with a simple business investment. 

Growth of mobile and local SEO – in 2018 already more than 50% of the internet's users are on mobile devices, and that number is only expected to increase. We often forget how powerful the device in our pocket really is. A whole new horizon is upon us with beacon marketing and local SEO but we'll save that topic for another day. 

Search engines are capturing market share – Between 80-90% of consumers online are checking reviews before they purchase a product online. Soon enough we will see that almost everyone is searching for services and products online. Without some good SEO content written in place, your competitors can and may wipe you out online.

It is cost-effective – When comparing to the costs that come along with many other forms of marketing online such as social media, PPC, or email marketing, SEO holds its ROI pretty well in comparison. The users are becoming more and more educated on how the internet is working and they will naturally rely on Google's organic results over Ad spaces in time. Therefore the most solid part of your online presence is ranking in the organic results. 

Not having an active online presence is damaging –  In today's world not having a healthy online presence is like not having a business card or email address in your pocket 15 years ago. Sounds crazy right? You need to have an active online presence spanning over several years to prove yourself over the competitor in your space. If you haven't started, now is the right time.

Allocating spending for organic SEO is now more important than ever. Your business absolutely needs a solid SEO strategy in place if you are interested in succeeding online. It will remain as one of the most single important components of any business's marketing plans. Team up with us and we will ensure you a strong online presence. 
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