Let's Talk about SEO vs Content Marketing. A Lot of people get confused when talking about SEO and Content marketing and how they fit together. Do they fit together? Are they at odds with each other? If so, is it possible to force them together?

SEO and content marketing are like milk and cookies. They go together. They fit perfectly together.

Let's talk about why SEO is needed for content marketing and why content marketing is needed for SEO.

I want to tell you about the problem I’m addressing.

What most people believe is that SEO and content marketing are completely separate like two very different things. However, that they go together, and blend.

Some people think that content marketing replaces the need for SEO.

They are wrong.

Content Marketing Overtaking SEO, Is It True?

So if content marketing can replace SEO then how come to the only way to successful content marketing is to have SEO? You can’t break them apart.

Marketers have seen the disconnect, and are trying to point out that SEO and content marketing are needed for each other. Yet the mistake persists.

SEO and content marketing are not two different categories. SEO and content marketing are what make up great pages and content.

The problem lies in the disconnect between SEO and content marketing.

The two are one. This is how you’ll be successful in both your SEO and your content marketing. They overlap. A lot.

When trying to understand the integration of SEO and content marketing, think of it this way.

First, here’s the incorrect view of SEO and content marketing. This is wrong:--

They overlap.

Yes, SEO and content marketing have differences but you can not separate the two. So, let's go more in depth between the two. SEO is narrowed and is more technical while content marketing is broader. This is the way in which the two converge.

How SEO and Content Marketing Work Together.

SEO becomes broad. The way to apply SEO in a broader way is to have its needs met by the fulfilment of content. Consequently, the only way for the success of content marketing to thrive is to apply SEO techniques in its implementation.The coming together of SEO and content marketing.

Simply put — SEO makes demands. Content marketing fulfills those demands.

Think of SEO and content marketing as people.

SEO states the requirements. Content marketing fulfills them.

Now, let's get more detailed on how the two complement each other.

In each of the points below, I state what SEO requires, and how content marketing meets that requirement.

SEO demands content. The content market is CONTENT. 

You can not have SEO without have content. You need keyword, links, articles and more.

For the SEO industry we no longer argue about content. The agreement is content is key.

SEO has the demands keywords. Content marketing means using multiple targeted keywords.

Mostly everyone would agree the fundamental work of SEO is keywords and researching them, utilizing them, and follow the rank of them in SERP’s

How does one apply the use of keywords? How is all the research funneled into its practical application?

SEO Needs Keywords, Content Marketing Uses Keywords.

Content marketing. The only way you can use your keywords is to be employing them strategically throughout your content. Content marketing consists of top-notch content, written for humans, and using the keywords that you’re targeting.

Panda will hammer you down if you start keyword stuffing the pages and over optimizing. But when SEO and content marketing work together everything will be okay.

SEO needs linkbacks. Content marketing starts linkbacks.

The best SEO scenario can only come true when awesome content is released through content marketing.

If you want to build links then try contracting with a link building agencies. Some you can trust, some not so much.

How you want to build links is from publishing great content, and setting up links to get back to it. This is the true way to see the best and constant SEO results.

If you want the best SEO results, constantly you need to have basic component of content marketing.

The actual way to get linkback is to have content worth linking.

SEO will need on site optimization. Content marketing obviously needs content.

Here’s why. SEO is more than just blog articles, keywords, and linkbacks. SEO is about optimizing text, enhancing metadata, utilizing proper tags, and setting up a strategic sitemap.

By the way, it is also related to content marketing.

Why Optimizing Content Is Important?

Optimization is needed for the good of the user. If the user is searching, selecting, or reading your content. 

These technical SEO components are present in order to serve the user and promote your content.

Again, the link between SEO and content is electric. Why should i have a good sitemap? 

So the average searcher can easily find and access your content. Why should I have optimized text? 

The reason to have optimized text is so search engines can better crawl your site, and so the reader can quickly view the content. Why should i have the correct tags in the right places? 

So people can find your content, getting higher ranking, and making the content more accurate for the user.

It all comes back to content.

SEO has demands for consistent output. Content marketing needs consistent.

Google likes new content, and they have for a long time. If you already know SEO , you know that new content gets rapidly viewed (by google), and will place higher in the SERPs than older content. 

The new content shows up on a site with authority, you’ll have a boost to the page.

Professional SEO is being consistent with the content you put out. 

Consistent content means that you’re doing content marketing and that means success. It's important for a growing business.

Content marketing, once you are used to it it will become second nature. You stop then keep going and it becomes an ongoing process.

Content marketing and SEO come together again.

SEO is truthfully all about content marketing. And content marketing is all about SEO.

What You Should Know About SEO and Content Marketing.

Lets focus on the important parts. How do SEO and Content Marketing go together?

SEO is content marketing and content marketing is about SEO.  But, i hope at this point you are clear they are needed for success. 

If you take anything away from reading this know that you're in SEO, if your not a content marketer. You're not a content marketer, unless  in SEO. 

Even if you only want to classify as one then that's fine, but you still are going to need both for success.
Your SEO campaign will fail if you do not integrate content marketing. Your content marketing will be unsuccessful unless you have integrated SEO.

You’re not an SEO, unless you’re also a content marketer. You’re not a content marketer, unless you’re also an SEO.

You should want to make is that your content marketing needs SEO, and SEO needs content marketing. These are no longer separate categories for the two. An SEO specialist needs to know about content marketing, and vice versa.

If these two could blend a bit more that would be lovely. I can see the headline now. SEO and CM, side by side fighting the world ahead.

Clearly, content marketing is only going to be successful if it has SEO features. Look at it this way: Your content is basically nothing to everyone else unless people search and find. In order for the discovery to be made, you need SEO.

If you try to separate SEO then i becomes nothing. If you try and do content marketing only, then it becomes nothing. Although, put the two together, and watch. Then sit back and see the explosion of success.

How SEO And Content Marketing Efforts Complement Each Other?

Content marketing and SEO are not in competition with each other

The “Content marketing vs. SEO” battle opportunists are so anxious to put the two against each other. They want you to choose a side.

The process seems to be that, be wise about your digital marketing, you need to choose to hire the right type of marketer over the other. Maybe you have $2,000 to spent on advertising in a month. The problem, do you put money into content marketing or SEO?

I can only make sense of this if the SEO and Content Marketing are not seen as one. In other words, if SEO wins your dollars, it would go into hiring a shop to go on a long back-link-building mission. 

This was indeed a explosion of success in business for years. Today, you can't get away with the shady and almost ineffective method. Search engines penalize the practitioners they find guilty of these crimes.

Let’s cast aside the shady practice of building links by exchanging dollars, thanks to Google’s Penguin, trying to buy links is a thing in the past, you will get penalized. 

Link farming, buying high or low links from a site is not going to get your page where it needs to be. Rather, the correct way to build links is from having great content and a true personality. 

SEO and content marketing is becoming saturated. Business owners whose website has seen success have probably been directly messaged about digital marketing. 

So, how do I stand out? Be yourself. Message client honestly and see how much better the responses are.

Real online marketing professionals will see how content marketing and SEO are important roles in an enterprise-focused marketing strategy. If your team doesn't have content marketing and SEO blended together, then it won't work; end of story. 

SEO experts shouldn’t be afraid of going extinct. Their roles will be necessary to brand marketing because they know SEO can’t go on without content to be optimized.

Are SEO and content marketing are the same?

We create content to follow our marketing objectives. If done correctly, an important part of strategies should be centralized on optimizations that will increase the probability that our content will be found.

You write headlines to get noticed so people will read copy. Then you optimize your content and wait for people to discover. 

It's also important to note that SEO takes time, so rapid success doesn’t organically happen over night.

SEO, the biggest problem is that people don't believe that content marketing is needed for the success of a business

However, the content needs to be relevant to the users search. Of course, the only way to do that is having SEO point the content in the right direction.

In my opinion, SEO, or search engine optimization, is a misnomer anyway. It seems to suggest you optimize the search engine. Clearly, you cannot and do not. You optimize online content.

Search Content Optimization, now there’s a term I could live with.

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