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Doing SEO right is difficult. So when you figure out a proven, effective and adaptive method, it’s too good not to share.

With that in mind, Cloud LGS is announcing our plans to franchise. We’re excited about the endeavor, but we didn’t reach the decision without a lot of thought and planning.
Here are the benefits of franchising:

Money, Moolah, Dolla Dolla Bills

Let’s start with the obvious. Every sound business decision must take into account how a company’s finances will be affected. Franchising eases the financial responsibility of both the franchisor and franchise. The franchisor doesn’t have to carry the total burden of expanding; the franchise is given a fully baked product without having to put up the capital necessary to start a company from scratch.

Motivated Management

Having the key players in any business be driven by the right priorities is essential. With a franchise model, not only is franchisor management motivated to successfully expand their business, but the franchise management is also motivated by their success and by the fact that profitability is in their own hands. In fact, studies have shown that franchisees outperform franchisors when it comes to revenue generation, often in the range of 10 to 30 percent.

Franchisee managers also can lean on the franchisor’s knowledge and relative experience to maximize positives quicker and avoid pitfalls.

Other Benefits

While money and management advantages highlight the strengths of a franchise model, there are many other great reasons for us to be making this move, including staffing leverage, improved valuations, the ability to penetrate second and third markets, reduced risk, and more.

We’re pumped to be expanding Cloud LGS so significantly. If you are interested in joining the movement, contact us today so we can fill you in on details and get the ball rolling.

Let’s build the Cloud LGS empire together!

Spreading the wings of SEO services

Other locations deserve the SEO services Arizona has. Sharing our knowledge and expertise through franchising will allow you to have well-rounded products to offer your clients. With a franchise, you get to localize everything as you wish. Although localization can be a crazy thing for franchisees, we got some tricks up our sleeves to make SEO services work for you at a local level.

It’s our way of giving back after dedicating years into our craft. By deciding to the franchise, we’re giving out some love and opportunity for those who want to expand their business with fewer hiccups as we experienced in the past.

Since you’re going to deal with established products, everything will be easy once you sign up. You no longer have to go through the hit-and-miss phase. It’s ugly and we know it. What you’ll get are products that have been tested across multiple channels.

Brand prominence

We don’t mean to brag, but after some time, we’ve made a name in the SEO industry. When we decided to share this glory with you, it’s with the hopes of bringing more prominence to your brand. Increased page value and a more stellar line of services await here.

Not only that, but you’ll also get a trickle of the group purchasing power whenever you have to buy something on internet marketing platforms. This stuff really breaks the bank of many small SEO firms and it’s just the perfect timing to join us as one of our franchisees.

Also, we get to have a mutual relationship here. We give you what we have; you can also offer what you got. No pressure. We can discuss the terms and meet halfway.

Building your own market domain

As a franchise, you get to rule on your own market domain. From our main domain down to your niche segments, this is going to be a challenging but awesome ride. You get to be visible in your area while we keep our business to ours. That way, we don’t overshadow your glow and you get your fair share of the audience. Web and social media optimization in Arizona and beyond will now be the big thing. 

You got a wingman

Google’s algorithm updates are never-ending, crazy roller coaster rides. With us, you got a wingman to provide you complete products to answer the demand of your business. Not only will it be beneficial for our branding, but it will be a more profitable decision for your SEO offerings. From having a long shot in local listing services Arizona has, franchising gives you a chance to be the dark horse.

As a franchise, there’s no need to rack your mind and start from the bottom. After months of thinking, we’ve finally decided to share our tried and tested methods with you – simply because you should also experience how awesome it is to be on top of the SERPs. It took us many sleepless nights to make this move, but this is so far the most fulfilling one we’ve made throughout the course of our career. You only need to give us a ping and we’ll get you started.

Are you curious to learn how we can help you?
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