It's obvious that mobile-friendly websites have become an important source of online marketing. Mobile websites are specifically designed for your mobile devices. The increased number of smartphone users increased the need for mobile-friendly sites and for ensuring more traffic generation on those sites. According to one survey, consumers purchase 3 times as many smartphones as the number of babies being born.

With Google announcing that its algorithms will be changed to give preference to mobile-friendly websites, businesses cannot overlook the importance of maintaining a mobile friendly web design. By 2013, the number of people accessing the internet through their mobile phones became higher than the number of people accessing the internet though their desktops. Hence, introduction of smartphones has been no less than a revolution in the era of online marketing.

Check out these mind-blowing facts about mobile websites:

1. With more than 7 billion people and counting on the planet, 50% of the population owns a smartphone.

2. As of 2007, 91% of the people had smartphones within arm’s reach. With the increasing popularity of smartphones, I would wager that now the number has increased to 100% (Source: Morgan Stanley).

3. As many as one-fourth of the US population use only mobile phones to access the internet (Source:

4. The businesses that use SMS as a tool for marketing reach almost 95% of smartphone and non-smartphone users (Source:

5. Mobile websites are almost 5 times better in terms of awareness, purchasing intent and brand favorability as compared to simply putting up an online advertisement (Source: Neilson Study, 2012).

6. Almost 90% of the mobile searches lead to some activity. This is transformed into more than 50% sales (Source: SearchEngineLand).

7. As many as 37% of the people owning Android phones check-in with services like FourSquare. This number is a little less for iPhone user, standing at 34% (Source:

8. With the new form of marketing emerging in the form of mobile coupons, print coupons have suffered. Mobile coupons have almost 10 times the chances of being redeemed as compared to print coupons (Source:

9. Of the whole web traffic, 13% was being generated through mobile phones. This number is increasing sharply as it was only 1% in 2009 and 4% in 2010 (Souce:

10. 57% of people do not recommend businesses that have bad mobile-friendly websites (Source:

11. As many as 30 million people watch their favorite shows not on the television, but on their mobile phones (Source: Nelison).

12. Almost 3/4th of the mobile users still make purchases from online websites instead of downloading apps (Source:

13. By end of 2011, the internet was accessed for an average of 94 minutes by the people through their mobile phones and tablets. This number was more as compared to the people who spent an average of 72 minutes surfing the internet through other sources (Source:

With the ever-increasing reach of mobile websites in the recent times, no business can do without it. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website design, then you already lag behind in competition.
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