Disneyland prides itself on being the happiest place on earth for all their guests. In order to maintain this magic they have to have the happiest employees working for them everyday. The people who work at Disneyland are all part of the "cast". Every job is equally as important and Disney has fostered a company culture that people dream of being a part of.

Company culture is an important factor that greatly affects employee retention and productivity. When qualified applicants search for jobs, one of the main aspects they consider before making the decision to work for a company is understanding what the company culture is like. Desirable candidates have plenty of options, and won't settle for a job they feel they won't be happy at. 

Not every company can be the Walt Disney Company, but every company has the ability to create a unique company culture where employees work their hardest because they want to. The outdated notion of going to a job you dread day after day is diminishing as people are mastering their skills and choosing to offer their talent to companies that match their lifestyle needs.

At Cloud LGS, the company culture is structured as a team. CEO, Jason Valasek, is a sports lover who grew up playing baseball. He took this team mentality and built a digital marketing agency knowing that if everyone was in it to win it, everyone held a position that used their strengths, and everyone bonded together like the members of a sports team, his business would thrive. 

In place of practice we take on group activities. Whether it's a team lunch, a group fitness class with a local gym like BODI or The Madison, or attending a show together, we enjoy supporting local businesses and events as a team. This extra time bonding outside of the workplace only makes our cohesiveness stronger.

Traveling for games means working remotely. We know some of our best work is done in our most comfortable places. Working from home is always an option and freedom to travel is one of the best parts of working in the digital space. With your computer, your cell phone, and wifi, you can bring Cloud LGS anywhere.

Instead of press conferences we have Content Tuesday. This is the day we create content together that's all about our team. We want our audience to get to know who it is they're working with when choosing Cloud LGS. We film short videos, have fun photoshoots, and execute marketing ideas. The more creative and knowledgable minds that get together to create awesome content, the better.

And, of course, we can't forget our mascots. At the Cloud LGS Headquarters you'll always be greeted by the friendliest of puppies. Our employees are welcome to bring their pups, which, alleviates the need to run home to let them out at lunch and also helps relieve any work stress a teammate may be having.

It's important to have a company culture where all the players are aiming for the same goal: to win a championship by building and growing the company. No matter what, you have to work extremely hard in order to live the life you want to live. And with the company culture Cloud LGS has developed our teammates are never shy of encouragement, excitement, activity, and vision.
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