Marketing. That verb/noun has evolved to encompass much more than advertising, branding, and public relations. It is a giant umbrella where strategies rain upon it and nest themselves beneath it as a new form of marketing. There’s digital, content, guerrilla, event, niche, inbound, outbound, B2B, multi-media, multi-level, relational, and direct marketing, as well as dozens of other types of marketing. 

With all of the specialized marketing options available, we at Cloud LGS made the choice to harness strategies that yield the best results for all clients. Like Jimmy Fallon said, “I didn’t invent the rainy day. I just own the best umbrella.” We know it’s important to utilize your marketing budget on methods that have the highest ROI and position your company in front of the most qualified leads.

Cloud LGS is a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO and content marketing. To keep it simple, we use research and proven web-based strategies to get businesses’ websites ranked on Page 1 of Google, Bing, and Yahoo! during organic searches. If you’re a business owner and you’re wondering why you should care about SEO when you can purchase ads just about anywhere, here’s the answer:

You don’t have to care about SEO, but your business absolutely needs it in order to grow and compete. It is imperative to know where your customers are, what they are spending their time and money on, and how your competitors are gaining their business. Without SEO, your business is being drowned in the over-congested Internet space, and your advertisements are not being seen by an exponential amount of potential customers. Why? Because the consumers have the power.

As consumers, we were amazed and felt somewhat violated that the Internet was capable of harvesting our information. It blew our minds when the Internet seemed to have this built-in intuition of things and places we would like, and it was correct. It made suggestions for cute clothes, gyms to try, and that new sushi restaurant that just opened that it knew I would enjoy.

There was a time when this overload of information gathering was all new and shocking. But now, consumers are taking action to whether they love it or hate it. If they love it, they will continue to use search engines and social media platforms that cater to their interest. These searches will display the top results and top ads that digital robots deem as a perfect match for that consumer. Large corporations will be listed on the first page of all searches and consumers won’t go through the difficulty of finding you. Your online presence is your online reputation.

For the consumers that hate having suggested sites appear, they can switch to browsers that don’t store search history, they can remove and block suggestions, and they can pay to use sites that won’t serve them ads … ever. And, according to an eMarketer report, 86 million Internet users already use an ad blocker on at least one of their devices. No ads means your paid ads are missing your target customers. 

This makes our work in SEO so valuable because the digital world is meant to serve its users by giving them search results they actually want. Consumers want to see the most reputable, the most useful, and the most relevant results, and they want them fast. SEO can be looked at as earned advertising, meaning you earned your spot in a user’s search results. This placement is earned by optimizing your website to be SEO and mobile friendly in combination to a series of content marketing strategies conducted outside of your website. When on- and off-page SEO are in perfect harmony, your business becomes more established as a leader in your industry. These are the businesses that search engines reward. Ready to be rewarded with top organic search result rankings, increase website engagement, and gain more customers?

At Cloud LGS we marry our solutions in SEO to content marketing because we know they are more successful together than apart. This combination adds expert content to your website, local listings, social media profiles, and is distributed to hundreds of social bookmarking sites. With all of the content being distributed on behalf of your business, you will gradually grow your online notoriety and start finding yourself listed in top search results. Ads come and go; they’re success is based on how much money you spend, while many high-dollar ads don’t even have reporting tools to measure the true value success of the ad. 

The SEO and content marketing services we offer have monthly reported results and proof of completed work. It is a strategy that not only fulfills marketing needs but also helps your business grow in the constantly changing digital world. The benefits of SEO and content marketing go beyond marketing and attribute to business development. Getting engaged with digital marketing can be new and a bit scary, but remember, it’s ok to have rainy days, as long as you have the right umbrella.
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