If you own a company about to launch a website of its own, you face two possibilities. Either you design the website on your own or you hire a web design company to do it. If you’re a startup owner, you likely work with a tight budget and struggle with where and how much you spend. And that is why most startups either can’t afford to hire a good web design service company. They go for the cheaper ones that lack experience and creativity (which ultimately prove to be a waste of money, in most cases) or just refrain from launching a website altogether.

In this era of digitalization, every entrepreneur knows that online marketing can give your business a boost like no other strategy. Don’t let lack of money prevent you from getting your business exposed to the world of online marketing. Try these useful tips while designing your website either on your own or with the help of someone else.

The Design Strategy

When you think about your website, there might be certain things you would like to highlight more than the others. Hence, you need to create a design strategy that helps you identify the key elements that you want to highlight in your website and the others that need to be mentioned but are not as important.

The Importance of KISS

KISS stands for “keep it simple, stupid”.  Though a blunt phrase, it's one mantra you need to keep on chanting while creating your website. A simple design is easy to create and requires less time and money. Also, a simpler design means a higher chance of a user-friendly website. If a customer opens your website and doesn’t understand how to navigate through pages and look for things, he may never return back.

Make it Attractive

When you opt for online marketing strategy, your website speaks for your business. No matter how charismatic you are in person, the customer is going to interact with your website and not you. That's why it’s important to make the website attractive. You can use a good font and various color combinations to make it striking. Use these motifs consistently throughout each page of the site.

Advertise It

Merely making a website is not going to attract customers. In order to generate traffic, you need to advertise your website using strategies like search engine optimization, pay-per-click services and more. Choose the service that fits your budget and generates a more traffic for you.

Update your Content

Creating a website is not a one-time thing. It requires constant updating to make the site look fresh. If you just make a website and leave it there, your customers might not want to come back to look for better and newer content/products. Make sure your website is engaging and updated so that the customers visit it often.

These simple pointers offer very essential advice to keep in mind while designing a website. You can do much more to build an engaging site. Make sure to apply your creativity so that your website performs well enough in the increasingly competitive world.
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