Are we a perfect match? As a digital marketing agency who stays up to date with the keys to digital marketing success, we’d like to believe that every business is a match for us. But, as a business owner, how can you decipher through all of the top-notch marketing tactics other agencies are using to draw you in. Ultimately, all marketing agencies share the same goal of helping you grow your business, but it’s the “how” and “why”, that makes all the difference.

Here are the top 3 strategic factors that separate Cloud LGS from other marketing agencies.

1. We Have an Incredibly Talented Team

At Cloud LGS, we focus on our 3 E’s for SEO success: energy, effort, and expertise. SEO is an ever-changing practice that takes dedicated research, strategic development customized to the needs of each business, and intellectual correspondence between what people respond to and the robots that prowl the internet for information.

Each team member is an expert in their department within the digital marketing space. Cloud LGS combines expertise with high-quality work ethic of passionate marketers. We understand the value organic search results provides for increasing revenue. If our adorable office puppies don’t impress you, our leadership team surely will with their highly qualified degrees, years of experience, and portfolio of results-driven work. Choosing a marketing agency with which to work comes down to knowing and trusting that the team managing your marketing efforts are dedicated to your business. 

2. Proven Results

We offer reassurance by delivering monthly reports so you can see proof of all the work we deliver in order to boost your online presence. Transparency is important to us. Proof of work and proof of the results derived will show you that we are putting in all the effort needed to rank your website higher in organic search results. Better search results lead to more website visits, which has the power to convert into more sales. 

These monthly reports will consist of all the local listings your business will accurately be represented on, the distribution list of content created and shared, a list of social bookmarking and backlinks created to keep your business connected throughout the web, and most importantly, the increase in search rankings for your keywords

3. No Contracts!

No contracts! That’s right, we won’t ask you to make a long-term commitment to us; we’ll just work extra hard to build a long-term relationship with you. We work month-to-month to earn your business. We even offer a 5-day money back guarantee, so you can experience what working with our expert team is like without hesitation. 

In a time when consumers are paying to be rid of ads, it is important to have a strong online presence that yields organic search results, so you always get in front of potential customers. Every month we’ll create and distribute content that works to establish your business online. And, along the way, we will continue to analyze our efforts in order to improve keyword searches, website visibility and usability, and to ensure your business is listed where your customers are searching. With consistent tracking and content marketing efforts, we believe you’ll want to work with us every month. 
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