In this era of digitalization when more than 78% of the Americans connect to the Internet, promoting your business online has become essential. And what’s easier than doing it through search engine optimization (SEO)? But budget constrains may hamper some companies to obtain SEO. For these, Local listing management offers an important source of advertisement to generate more revenue.  

Local Listing Management, according to Search Engine Land, is the method of making businesses appear in more local search engine result pages. You might wonder why this might be more useful for a small business as compared to an SEO. According to Google, 94% of Smartphone users - who constitute of 84% of general consumers – use search engines to find local information. 

A lot of people believe that in order to have a successful SEO, you must be registered with many directories such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Foursquare, and Yellow Pages. Although that is important, what is more important is that you choose the right directories in which to list your business. 

One of the major reasons why local listing management is so important is because it provides you with more targeted customers. When people search for a certain service or product, they already have a purpose of using the service or acquiring the product in mind. They don't need convincing that they need your service or product. It doesn’t make a difference to most of the customers if your business is big or small. Location represents one of the most important factors. They want a local provider.

Because of the recent changes by Google, its search displays not only regular, organic search results, but also shows more results than the organic website results. For instance, if you search for eating joints near your house, the basic information such as business name, address, phone number, telephone number, website link and location on map will available. But, now it has also added the feature of customer review and average star rating which lets you choose the best restaurant based on first-hand experience by the people who review it.  

Business owners that are interested in building partnerships with other business owners may perform an online search. Stalwarts like Google, Facebook and Apple are also investing in local search as they recognize the potential of local listing services in the future. Therefore, these online directories give an equal opportunity, if not more, to expand their business as to their competitors. The more the name of a business appears online, the more it adds to conversion rate.

Even though the businesses recognize the importance of these services, they tend to avoid the efforts involved for it. A Constant Contact survey revealed that while 85% of the businesses surveyed feel that it’s important to be found on the local search results, only half of them confirm their information. Sometimes their address is wrong or the phone number is not updated. This can cause serious trouble for your business as you lose potential customers daily. 

In addition to updating your basic information, it is also important to add extra information such as business hours, the average price, forms of payment and any other information useful to making a sale. The more complete you make the online listing, the better the response you receive from the customers. 

Netizens these days rely heavily on these local listing dictionary apps/web searches for almost all purposes from looking for a supermarket near home to a good eating joint on Friday night. Therefore, the local search engine optimization services can prove to be better than the general search engine optimization services, especially for smaller businesses that sell mostly to locals. If you have the funds, you can also seek professional help for these services. They will help you manage your online marketing better.
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