In honor of National Pie Day, we welcome you to the Cloud LGS Kitchen, where we bake up SEO pies that will knock your socks off and build your online presence!

When my emotions hit a high point of joy, angst, sadness, peace, frustration, or love, I always turn to baking. I’m not an expert pastry chef, nor do I cook well regularly. I don’t even like being in the kitchen, and sometimes the goods I make should be thrown out immediately. But, there is a therapeutic desire I feel to create something I can reward myself with when finished. It keeps me in an active state of meditation and satisfies my sweet tooth. Baking chewy cookies, or an almost-beautiful lattice pie, or a happily decorated cake, never fails to make me feel better than before I started.

Like every project, there’s a process, and baking an aroma-rich apple pie may just be one of the best processes in the world (feel free to disagree, but it is.) The second-best process is creating and implementing a successful SEO campaign for businesses. SEO is active, well thought-out, uses key ingredients, and offers guaranteed satisfaction. 

In the Cloud LGS kitchen, our Content Marketing Master Chefs can’t bake you a perfect old-fashioned apple pie, but they surely can cook up a recipe for content marketing success. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

- 1 ½ Cups of SEO dough - Did you know there is a science to creating the perfect pie crust? The crust of every good pie is made from a strategy that’s detailed, from mixing the ingredients of the dough to rolling it out, leaving you with a sturdy and delicious foundation. In the Cloud LGS Kitchen, the foundation of our services start with you optimizing your website. We conduct research on your website and on your competitors to strategize the best digital practices to implement. The dough that surrounds the pie is just like how we surround potential customers with a well-maintained, high-quality and consistent online image of your business.

- 5 Cups of Keywords - Keywords are like the apple slices. Instead of 5 cups of thinly sliced apples, we suggest 5-20 keywords. The filling makes the pie. So what do we fill your website with? The ripest of keywords, of course! When web users type in what they’re looking for, search engines scoop up web results that match the search words best. The slices that make their way onto the first page of major search engines have matching keywords filling their website pages, corresponding social media profiles, local listings and links on sites that yield the same keywords.

- 1 Teaspoon of Local Listings - Sprinkle in local listings like cinnamon. When you sprinkle it, it goes everywhere, and that’s where you want to be. We make sure your business has accurate business profiles on up to 100 local and national business directories.

- ½ Cup of Social Media Management - Posting to various social media platforms on a consistent basis is like the butter. Butter is a major part of the recipe, giving a pie flavor and texture. That’s how we approach branding your social media channels. The butter in our SEO recipe is vital to creating brand awareness, getting in front of your potential customers, and driving traffic to your website. 

- ½ Cup of Links - A pie recipe just isn’t complete without sugar. Cloud LGS adds sweetness to SEO content marketing by creating dozens of backlinks, contextual links, and social bookmarks that all lead back to your website. This added practice helps potential customers get a taste of the products and services you offer by getting you ranked higher.

Rest assured, the Cloud LGS kitchen is fully stocked with all of the customized content marketing ingredients your business needs to be found on Page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo! 


Lay out the SEO strategy in a pie dish, which will provide the starting point and foundation to building your online ranking. Then fill with the delicious combination of keywords, local listings, social media management, and links. Once filled, criss-cross the top of the SEO pie with a finely researched SEO strategy. Finally, place the SEO pie in the online oven and let it bake for 90 to 120 days. Once it’s baked to perfection your website will rank higher in search engines and your business will see increased traffic. And if you’re like me, you enjoy hot apple pie a la mode. So go ahead and add a scoop of our pay per click services.

In case your cravings for pie have kicked in, this article is laced with pie lovers’ recipes. Here’s a recipe for apple pie that we found on Page 1 of Google. Have at it!
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